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Don’t Let Pain Ruin Your Vacation

Don’t Let Pain Ruin Your Vacation

Do you have a vacation coming up? It’s the perfect time of the year for a break, we’re about halfway through, and there are no big holidays until Christmas. It’s the ideal time to give yourself a break from life. To take some time off work and to treat yourself to a rest. It’s the perfect time to spend some time with your family and friends, or even on your own. To de-stress, to catch up on some sleep and to see more of the world. 

But, for many of us, it’s not that simple. If you suffer from a long-term illness, that affects your body and makes life more difficult; everything can be harder when you are away from home and your usual coping mechanisms. Even with just a short term, recently sustained injury, you might be tempted to cancel your trip, putting it off until you have recovered and your body is back to 100%. You might worry that you won’t be able to cope with the pain without your home comforts, or that you might not be able to explore and enjoy yourself as freely as you might. You shouldn’t. A life with pain is never pleasant, but your pain shouldn’t stop or ruin your vacation. 

Take Your Medication

Wherever you are travelling, and however long you are going to be gone, it’s crucial that you take any prescribed medication, and topical pain relief if you need it. Some medication you’ll be able to get from your pharmacy, but if you take prescription drugs, be sure to visit your doctor in plenty of time, explaining how much you’ll need to cover your trip.

If you are travelling to a different country, you’ll need to check their drug regulations and restrictions, and if you are taking medication in your bag on the plane, you may also need to carry your prescription. Check before you travel. 

Get Plenty of Rest

When we go on holiday, we like to see as much as we can. We want to visit tourist attractions and explore far and wide. But, if you struggle with pain, it’s crucial that you understand your limitations. Do what you can, but make sure you rest. If you spend the morning on your feet, spend the afternoon on the pool, or the following day laying on the beach. Try to space out all of the things that you want to do, with rest days in between, and get as much sleep as you can to give your body a chance to recover.

Don’t Put Pressure on Yourself

Pain will only ruin your holiday if you let it take hold. We often put pressure on ourselves, we’ve paid for a holiday, and we want to do as much as you can to make the most of it. Remember that it’s your holiday, and it won’t be the only one. Make a list of things that you really want to do, and others that you’d like to do, but don’t mind missing out on this time. Don’t pressure yourself to do everything; just try to do what you can.



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