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Dealing With Anxiety Through Troubling Times

Dealing with Anxiety

We are living in a world where we are uncertain about our future and our current situation and dealing with anxiety becomes part of our daily lives. There are plenty of people who will be feeling the physical and mental effects of this pandemic. Without getting things under control, you will certainly not feel any better. Yes, a lot has changed but some things continue. There are plenty of scenarios that could still cause us issues.

Practical ways of dealing with anxiety

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How to combat anxiety in easy ways

It is easier than it sounds to get rid of anxiety. We may feel that awful sickly shaking feeling, racing heart or general uneasiness. It may affect us in other ways such as nervousness, headaches or present in mood swings or other areas. You know how anxiety affects you, but it may be heightened during this difficult time. Focus on the good and focus on the things you do have in your life not what you don’t. There are many reasons that you may be feeling low at the moment:

  • Loss of work/lack of work
  • Not happy with your current homelife
  • Depression over being indoors
  • Not happy with your current partner
  • Struggling with the kids
  • Having to cancel plans/holidays
  • Loss of money
  • Cabin fever
  • Loss of daily routine

These are all perfectly normal and just some of the ways in which we may be affected. So combatting it is going to take some down time from you and some clear thinking. If your mind is racing then you need to first find a quiet space if you can.

Quiet space and deep breathing are great for helping you calm down a little. Ensuring that you have a routine still is going to be vital, which also includes sleeping at the right times. Going to bed at 3 and getting up and noon isn’t healthy and your body won’t respond to this well. Getting good sleep still is going to be vital in helping you combat this issue. Sleep well. Wake up at healthy times and don’t compromise on sleep. Exercise too!

Positive small changes can have a big impact

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Cutting out caffeine can help to keep your heart rate even and calm

Eat well, because this too will have a positive effect. Avoid as much caffeine as possible after lunch. Caffeine in itself can make you feel jittery and shaky and this isn’t going to help your anxiety. Stick to decaf after lunch or better yet, some herbal tea such as camomile which can help relax the nervous system instead of stimulating it further. It isn’t easy to always eat well and we may want to reach for the take-outs but it’s good to look at the positives of healthy eating. Getting your five a day will help your body out and it will give you the right amount of energy. Don’t skip meals, this isn’t sensible either, just be sure that you’re eating enough and at healthy times. Don’t eat too late.

Medication can help when dealing with anxiety

Meditation is another good way to get your mind into gear. Clearing your mind can be tricky but if you use types of guided meditation you will be able to get into it much easier. Take twenty minutes out to do this and then follow it up with a journalling session. Write down what you’re glad about and what you are thankful that you have. This may be your family, your health, your job or the fact that you have a home. All these little things can add up and it’s vital that you stay grateful during this time. If you are dealing with other outside issues, then you must learn to combat the feelings too.

Treat yourself as a treasured friend

Overall, keeping your anxiety under control is not going to be an easy task but it’s something you can work on. Even little things such as burning lavender oil can have a good effect on your body and make you feel a little calmer. Types of breathing techniques can help bring your heart rate down but overall the key thing to do is remain in contact. Do not isolate yourself further. You can do this, don’t be alone.



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