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Luxury Dash Couture Sandwich Maker Looks Like a Designer Handbag

dash couture sandwich maker cover

Home appliance company, Dash’s ‘Kitchen Couture Sandwich Maker’ is taking cool home appliance design to a whole new level. Gone are the days of dull brushed stainless steel, functional heavy looking appliances. We usher in a new era when making a sandwich is a haute couture event every lunch time. If Elle Woods (Legally Blonde) had a sandwich maker, it would be this one by Dash (pink of course).

Dash is a brand that offers completely unique kitchen appliances. The colours hark back to the days of the 1950’s futuristic looking blenders and mixers. The palette is fashion forward and gorgeous, without the price tag of other stylish and fashion forward brands like Smeg (who do a divine 50’s range of pink appliances but the price tag is a bit hefty).

Smeg retro appliances
Smeg retro appliances

The updated ‘Couture Sandwich Maker,’ is an  unconventional and beautiful  device that toasts bread to perfection while creating aesthetically pleasing diamond shapes out of it. Bring on the Chanel sangers (or sarnies – depending if you are Aussie or Pom). You’ll never look at a toasted sandwich the same way again.

Dash Couture Sandwich Maker in Pink
Dash Sandwich Maker in Pink
Dash Couture Sandwich Maker in Black
Dash Sandwich Maker in Black
Dash Couture Sandwich Maker in Aqua
Dash Couture Sandwich Maker in Aqua
Dash Couture Sandwich Maker in Burgundy
Dash Sandwich Maker in Burgundy
Dash Couture Sandwich Maker in Navy
Dash Sandwich Maker in Navy

Inspired by luxury designer handbags, (I’m calling Chanel due to the quilting or ted Baker with the bow) Dash’s ‘Kitchen Couture Sandwich Maker’ makes even a sandwich glamorous. And let’s face it, we all need a little of extra glamolur in our days. There aretechnologically advanced, but simple dual heating elements, non-stick sandwich plates, and gold accents, makinging this appliance is one hot little lust-have.

The ‘Kitchen Couture Sandwich Maker’ retails for $49.99 USD which, for all it’s couture and high-end inspiration and influence makes it totally accessible even for entry level appliance hunters.

Available in black, blue, burgundy, pink and aqua from Dash 

this little gadget is a perfect Christmas present for the fashionista in your life.

Note: In case you are wondering Mike? I love the pink, as if you couldn’t guess).

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