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Corporate Kerb Appeal On A Budget

kerb appeal

Adding kerb appeal is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your business’ reputation. Whether it’s foot traffic or digital traffic, customers will love the fact that you take cleanliness seriously. It’s proven that the outside of a company’s offices or store is a factor in consumers’ decisions to buy products or services. So, it’s about time that you invested in the process. Of course, an investment means spending money, and SMEs don’t have disposable cash to throw around. What small and medium-sized enterprises require are affordable kerb appeal hacks.

Here are four of them for your information.

Tidy Up Outside

The simplest method is to remove any mess or clutter from the outside of your premises. People who walk past will see it and judge your business, which means it reflects poorly on the brand. A dustpan and a brush are all you need if there isn’t lots of rubbish floating around; however, a skip could be necessary if garbage is everywhere. Just remember that there are different sizes for each individual client when hiring a skip bin so that you don’t overspend. An excellent tip is to keep the skip at the back of the property. That way, passers-by don’t have to look at it as they walk past.

Speak To Your Neighbour

“Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours!” Unfortunately, you can’t choose yours, so you’re stuck with whoever pays the rent next door. Hopefully, they are as concerned about kerb appeal as you are, but they might be messy and untidy. If they are the latter, their actions can impact your business and your brand’s standing in the industry. Therefore, speaking to them and asking them to be more careful with their junk is critical. Obviously, it’s important to be polite, but you must be firm, too, to come to an acceptable compromise.

Install Practical Accessories

Part of the subtle art of kerb appeal is to use features that customers love to entice them into the shop. But, this doesn’t mean they have to be related to the store. A bench is a perfect example. Installing a seat outside of the shop makes members of the public more likely to sit down and take in their surroundings. As a result, the odds are high that they’ll see your window design and acknowledge your products and services. A bike rack is another strategic investment. When cyclists have a place to store their bike safely, they’ll gladly stop off to browse the high street.

Make Your Business More Visible

Sure, it’s the most common way to add value, but it’s backed up by the statistics. The American institution, the Small Business Administration, says it’s the cheapest and effective advertising method around. Why? It’s because an illuminated sign has the potential to boost sales by as little as 15% and as much as 150%. Considering a sign is affordable and hassle-free, it’s worth installing one to make your brand more visible to consumers.

Does your business have appeal?



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