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4 Reasons An Eco-Friendly Home Is Worth It

eco friendly home

A green home is a popular idea because everyone wants to help the environment. We only have one planet, and we should do our best to maintain it for the next generations! Of course, morality only goes so far when you’re a homeowner. Paying off the mortgage and keeping the roof over your family’s head is your main priority. Therefore, making your house green is the last thing on your to-do list if you can’t afford it. And the upfront costs can be quite high.

So, why is it worth transforming your home into an eco-friendly property? Take a look at the following to find out more.

Energy Efficiency

When renewable energy methods were young, they were still expensive and didn’t make financial sense. However, two things have happened in the past five to ten years. Firstly, the technology is more affordable as it has gotten older. Secondly, energy prices continue to rise at an alarming rate. As a result, a wind turbine or solar panels pay themselves a lot faster than previously. Currently, Australian households can expect to recoup the fees included with going green within ten years. Plus, the average savings after a decade is around $100,000, which are figures that are tough to ignore. 

Property Value

A direct knock-on effect is the impact that renewable energy sources have on the value of your home. Because of the savings involved with an eco-friendly house, buyers are desperate to own a property with solar technology already installed. Therefore, investing in solar could increase the listing price of your home by a couple of thousand dollars. And, it’s all down to the perception of the market that says solar panels are add-ons that buyers should consider. With the median cost of installation around $5,000, renewable energy methods are cheaper than most remodels, yet people are willing to pay $10,000 extra.

Maintenance Expenses

As you probably know already, the cost of maintaining a home isn’t low. If anything, it’s one of the most expensive parts of owning a property, especially when unforeseen problems pop-up out of the blue. The trick is to reduce flaws where possible, and green materials are the answer as they are sustainable. The likes of bamboo or cork flooring are longer lasting than their less eco-friendly counterparts, while durable materials are easy to reclaim. Recycled metal, for instance, is incredibly robust and means that maintenance issues are less likely to appear, making your home less expensive to run.

Health And Wellbeing

It’s essential that you never underestimate the impact your home has on your health. Using traditional building materials is likely to affect your body because they usually contain harmful chemicals. From paints with high fume counts to asbestos installation, there are tonnes of examples of building regulations failing to protect families. Thankfully, you don’t have to fret about your wellbeing with sustainable materials as they are organic. That means they are free of harmful chemicals and put your health first. 

An eco-friendly property is about more than money. Are you ready to invest in your family’s future?



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