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Celeste Barber Video Compilation – The Funniest Woman In the Internet

Celeste Barber - The Funniest Women on the Internet

I discovered these gems on YouTube so I wanted to share, make sure you wear that Poise panty liner if you have had children, and full nana nappies if you are over 40.

The $97 smoothie

Sorry Miranda, I too have tried this and it does indeed taste like a**.

Makeup Like Kylie Jenner – Or Not…

Sigh, I have a sore tummy from watching this and am really clad I am wearing the nanna nappy.

Pepsi Ad: Who did it better? Cindy Crawford or Celeste Barber

Obviously Celeste Barber has seen me in the car after a grocery shop drinking my sugar free lemonade after it’s jiggled around in the trolley.

Yoga practice IRL

I have no words. Wheezing with laughter.

There you have it, some excepts from the Celeste Barber, the funniest woman on the internet.



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