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Busy Mums, Here Are Some Spring Cleaning Hacks You Need!

Busy Mum's, Here Are Some Spring Cleaning Hacks You Need!

One of the only things that is more challenging than raising children and running a business, is housework. There’s a triangle of three things that are important in the life of a woman: her family, her work and her home. These three things running in harmony make for a happy mother, but here’s the catch: you can only really have two things going smoothly. This is how:

A clean home and a great career = a neglected family.

A great career and a happy family = a neglected home.

A happy family and a clean home = a neglected career.

It’s not fair, but there are ways to hack this particular life loop! Millions of women all around the world are able to keep their homes in pristine condition, despite the school runs and children and work commitments that they have. Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning that you’ve got to get done, we’ve got some perfectly good hacks to help you get through the load – and we don’t just mean the laundry.

Have A Game Plan

cleaning planner via
cleaning planner via

When you think about having to clean the house, you can feel automatically overwhelmed. So, let’s break it down room by room. Get a notepad and start going room to room and write down everything that needs doing in each room. Start with a good clear out in each room and engage a rubbish removal company to clear it all away. There’s no use in just pushing clutter around the house. Once you’ve made your list, you need a second one to decide how to tackle each room properly and what cleaning equipment you need to get them all looking pristine. The last piece of your game plan should be how often you do the big jobs, such as cleaning the skirting boards and on top of the refrigerator.

Get Everyone Involved

Busy Mum's, here Are Some Spring Cleaning Hacks You Need!
Get everyone involved!

You are Super Mom, we all know that, but you don’t have to be. If you have a partner and children who are able to look after themselves in the house, then they need to be involved and helping out. Draw up a chore wheel like this one and get the whole family keeping the house clean. You’re not the only one who lives there!

Take An Hour

Sixty minutes is not a long time in the grand scheme of things, so allocating one hour a day for cleaning the house can get you the tidy home you want to live in without you even thinking about it. There’s no need to get overwhelmed if you’re only using an hour of your day to get the house cleaned.

Take your time to get to know exactly what your house needs, make a big list and get the whole family involved. The more hands cleaning the house, the more you can have a happy family, great career and a clean home. And that’s the trifactor you need for a happy life!



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