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How To Add A Lot Of Value With A Little DIY

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You’ve heard the saying “if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself” right? Well, quite often Mum’s feel exactly that! When it comes to the house, it can feel easier to get things done the way that you envision them without having to ask someone to make changes to their work. It’s for that reason that when you are getting your house ready for sale, you start to make little tweaks here and there so that you have the best value added on.

For a busy mother, trying to find the time to get the big jobs done can be impossible, and when you don’t have a clue about electrics or plumbing, then of course the experts are what you need. Bringing in an expert at a time where well-executed home extensions can be a fantastic value-add for your property is a smart and safe choice to make. However, a little DIY knowledge can really help you to go a long way with adding value to the house while you save yourself a little cash at the same time. So, what low-cost projects could you do by yourself which add massive value to your home?

Freshen Up

Dulux Palette by Nat Wheeler
Dulux Palette by Nat Wheeler

Look around your home. It’s beautiful, it’s lived-in and it’s looking ever so tired. Living with children is a blessing, but it’s exhausting for your paint work on the walls. Chips, dents and scratches are easily tidied up with filler, sandpaper and a pot of paint, so head to the nearest hardware store and stock up on what you need. Stuck for colour ideas? Check these out and go with something that is simple and yet fresh.

Add It On

Crown Moldings via
Crown Moldings via

Everyone loves crown moldings, right? They look professional and elegant and complex. Fortunately for you, crown moldings are literally decorative strips of wood that you could cut to size and attach to the edge of a room with a nail gun! No muss, no fuss.

The Little Things

It’s usually the smallest things that can create the biggest attraction. Swap out light switch covers, faucets and door knobs for those with a more modern, beautiful look. You’ll instantly upgrade a room simply by swapping metallic fixtures.

Retro Style Copper Metal Basket Cage Ceiling Pendant Light Shade
Retro Style Copper Metal Basket Cage Ceiling Pendant Light Shade £14.59

Window Treatments

Solis Products Curtains
Solis Products Curtains

The windows are the eyes of any room, and if your window treatments are outdated it’s time to go shopping. Valance doesn’t have to cost much, neither do curtains. Keep them light, bright and you’ll maximise the space instantly, giving the whole room a more open and enticing look about it. If you’re tired of looking at curtains, swap them for wooden blinds, which can make a room look sophisticated in an instant.

Your home needs to look its best if you are putting it on the market for a sale. You could end up doing your DIY projects only to fall back in love with your home again, but if not, you are creating something beautiful and adding dollars to the value. We’d say that was a win!



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