Business Event Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Business Event Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid

When running a business, you make mistakes all the time. It may not be ideal, but it does allow you to learn something and grow as an entrepreneur. That being said, there are some blunders that you are better off avoiding. Corporate events are important in business, as they give an opportunity for you to market your company and attract new clients. This won’t happen, however, if an error derails your plans. Here are five business planning mistakes that you need to avoid.

Beginning Your Planning Late

Once you’ve decided to host a business event, you should begin planning as soon as you can. This is a huge undertaking and one that requires many elements to be purchased and booked well in advance. This means that, if you put the planning off, even for a short time, your event might not turn out as you’d hoped. In fact, you might not be able to pull an event together at all. To kick off your plans, you should write a timeline of every task that you need to complete.

Offering Nothing To Do

Many of the people attending your event will bring their own exhibition stands along. This means that most of their time will be spent on promoting their companies. However, many more of your attendees will visit to learn more about your business and just to see what the event is all about. The last thing that you want is for these guests to be stood around all day bored. Organizing activities for these visitors, like speakers, games, and more will help to keep them entertained.

Forgetting The Promotional Freebies

Everyone likes a freebie and the one place that you always expect to get them is business events. You can’t leave your guests disappointed, so make sure that you have some great products to give away. You could order a load of keyrings or badges, for example, from Master Cast. You might also want to design your own tote bags, wristbands, and mugs. It’s also vital that you have plenty of food and drinks to keep your guests’ energy levels up throughout the day.

Hiring Too Little Help

No one should ever run a business event on their own. This will make it impossible for you to enjoy yourself and could even cause a disaster or two. Instead, you should bring along plenty of help. If you can’t spare enough employees from the office for the day, then hire some temporary staff just to work the event. You might also want to book an event planner. If you’ve never organized an event like this before, they can offer you a lot of help and advice.

Expecting Guests To Come

You may have put time, effort, and a lot of money into your event, but that doesn’t automatically mean that guests are going to come. The only way to make this happen is to promote it. This process should begin well before the big day so that you can draw as big a crowd as possible. This also gives guests plenty of time to make arrangements in their personal lives and companies. For an estimate of how many guests are coming, ask people to RSVP online.

A business event can be incredibly beneficial for your company. However, this will only work if you avoid the mistakes listed above.


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