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Build A Business From Home… Literally

build a home business

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a larger humble abode or your home is set on ample acreage, you might be thinking how best to utilise your land to its full potential. Having so much bang for your buck when it comes to your bricks and mortar means that you have many options regarding your plot. You could build a few tennis courts, have that outdoor swimming pool you’ve always wanted of you could even buy a couple of horses and set up an equestrian centre. The possibilities really are endless. However, if you fancy investing in your land and making money from it, there are a variety of ways in which you can quite literally build a business from home.

Outbuildings to Build Home Business

If you already have a barn or two which may be more used to housing cattle than people, it might be time to consider renovating them. Make them structurally sound and give them an interior that any home and style magazine would be proud of. You will be making them hugely appealing to holidaymakers, Airbnb advocates or businesspeople who need a bed for the night. Fill them with mod cons, a TV set and a neutral colour scheme, and you’ll be satisfying the majority of the market.

Rental yields from Airbnb stays can be lucrative, especially if you make a name for yourself among the professional circuit. Living near a city or close to a transport hub means that your property will be at the top of the list when people are choosing where to spend a few nights away.

air bnb
air bnb

Separate The Deeds And Build A New Home Buinsess

If your land is particularly large, consider cordoning off some of your plot and dedicate this to the building of a new property. Create a three bedroom home, complete with a lovely garden, off road parking and plenty of square footage and you could become the latest in a long line of amateur property developers. You’ll have to go through the planning and building regulations process, but local government is always screaming out for top quality new homes to fulfil demand.

The chances are that you’ll need to do some excavating to secure the foundations of your new home. Companies like Eastern Plant Hire will hire out specialist equipment that will enable you to get the job done quickly and safely. Source a backhoe loader, and you’ll be able to dig, transport and shift the seemingly never-ending rubble and debris faster than you might expect.

As well as finding yourself with new neighbours, you’ll find yourself with a much healthier bank balance. Although your plot may be smaller, the money that you will rake in from the house sale means that you will have more readies available to invest in other projects. You never know, you may be bitten by the property development bug, and this could just be the start of a new money-making venture.

Although you may relish being the master of your castle and adore surveying your land, you may be able to utilise it more wisely and see your savings pot increase in the process.



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