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Blowing Hot and Cold: Interior Design And Temperature Management

heat management

It’s not just the design of your home but the temperature that can make all the difference to your comfort. That is why it’s so important to be able to control it with ease. Something that traditionally hasn’t always been easy to do without compromising on design. Especially if you live in a particularly hot or cold climate. However new technologies coming onto the market mean it is becoming more and more possible, something you can read more about below.

Underfloor Heating And Cooling

One way in which you can use modern technology in your interior design scheme to better manage the temperature of your home is with underfloor heating and cooling.

This consist of pipes hidden under the floor that transport warm or cold water around the room. Something that cool or heats the environment as you choose.

They are so great for interior design because it rules out the need for traditionally built radiators or AC units that can interfere with the design and flow of a room. Underfloor heating and cooling can also be used beneath a range of flooring types. Something that means attractive options such as stone, tile and wood are all accessible with this system.

Heat Tracing

In particular, for cold environments, an action that can help preserve heat yet not interfere with your design aesthetic is to buy electrical heat tracing to insulate your pipes behind the walls.

This way you will get maximum performance from your heating system without it costing you a fortune in the cold weather. It will also be completely hidden, allowing you to make the best use of the space that you have without having to make a sacrifice on maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Solar Film

For especially sunny locations, solar film is a good interior design investment. The reasons for this are twofold.

The first is that it makes your living area much more pleasant to be in, as it prevents it overheating and makes the light level more comfortable.

The second is that it can help to protect costly home furnishings and items that may be damaged by intense sunlight. Something that enables you to invest in that statement sofa guilt-free, because you know it will last for a long time.

Open Fires

Last, of all, remember that for chillier climbs an open fire is the perfect synergy between interior design and temperature control.

This is because they provide an intense heat, one that can also be harnessed to heat the rest of the house if you have a wood burning stove. They also look amazing too and have that wonderful homely, almost hypnotic feel that can easily relax even the most stressed or weather-worn of guests that might visit you in the cold winter season.

Just don’t forget to add the final touch and invest in a decorative fire-guard to go in front of the open fire. An item perfect for keeping any sparks off of your expensive carpets, as well as providing a beautiful aspect to the fire area itself.



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