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Avoiding The Signs Of A Lazy Business – How Show Your are Client Focused

successful business is a motivated business

Imagine walking into a business, and something about the atmosphere doesn’t feel client focused. You look around, and you can see that service is slow, it’s untidy and there’s a general sense of lacklustre performance. You can instantly tell when you’re entering into ‘just another business’ and when you’re entering into an establishment that isn’t client focused. The owner will have a direct influence on what goes on, there will be a linear, and predictable pattern of service and the image is kept to a high standard. Lazy business owners have got to really ask themselves why they go into business in the first place if they lack the passion to do the simple things. It may stem from a lack of motivation but other times it’s a case of ignorance is proving to be bliss. Every responsible business owner must always try to think like a customer. Using your own business as if you were and you may start to see signs of laziness rather than being client focused

Tidiness is a sign of being client focused

Keeping your business tidy seems almost like background assured thing-to-do. You’d be surprised at how a simple bin or trash can may evolve into something much larger. A customer can spot a dirty, lazy business from a mile away, and it’s always the litter, and rubbish lying around that gives it away. Making use of the services provided by a professional waste management company is, therefore, the only solution. You may have slow weeks at the beginning of your small business, but if you plan on expanding and growing larger, you will have to take out the trash; literally. The great thing about a professional service is that is regular and aims to run like clockwork. It’s a load off your mind when you don’t have to worry about where to put next week’s waste products. Don’t forget that violating littering laws will incur fines so plan ahead and avoid costly punishment.

Showing You Care for Your Client through seating and lines

Not every customer wants a walk in and leave within a few minutes of entering your store. The longer somebody is allowed to linger in the store, the more this can be interpreted to hesitation. If you’re on your feet and trying to make a quick decision, the fight and flight mechanism will slowly build up. However if you can provide seating for customers in your store, be it a coffee shop, cake shop, retail or a clientele focus establishment such as finances, you give customers more time to think. Wherever your checkout is there should be sufficient and clear room for people to line up. Standing in line is a bit of a chore and disorganised which are left to form on their own without guidance adds to the frustration. Clear a path and put up some signs indicating where customers should stand and wait to be serviced.

The two most noticeable factors of a lack of being client focused, a lazy attitude in business will manifest themselves in behaviors of habit. Not caring what kind of state your business is in physically, with litter and rubbish everywhere will damage confidence in the customer. Yet without order, there is no clear indication for proper conduct so give customers space in seating arrangements and lines before the checkout.



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