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Aurora Place Sydney – Once in a lifetime luxury workplace

Aurora Place Sydney

Aurora Place is a once in a lifetime workplace. It’s only temporary, but I am relishing the opulent surroundings. I feel like I have hit the jackpot with my current work situation. By sheer luck, I am working in the most beautiful office, with an incredible view, in a landmark building and get the ferry to work every day. This is the nicest location I have every worked, and just had to share it. I don’t know how long we will be there, but I am loving the creatively inspiring atmosphere of my environment. 

Aurora Place, the Landmark
Aurora Place, the Landmark
Aurora Place Roof Structure
Roof Structure
Aurora Place, elevation
Building itself
Aurora Place Lift Foyer
Lift Foyer
Aurora Place Forecourt Sculpture
Forecourt Sculpture

07- Aurora Place Timelapse V3 190713 from Aurora Place on Vimeo.

Built on the site of the former State Office Block, the Aurora Place development comprises a 41 level commercial tower and 18 level residential building. The 49,400 m2 site is bounded by Phillip Street, Bent Street, and Macquarie Street.

The extraordinary design is the work of world-renowned architect Renzo Piano.

And that’s just the outside!!!

Andrew Loader Design was commissioned to create an inspiring and agile workspace:

“It was to be an environment where their clients could be educated and entertained in surroundings that represent their core brand values, sustainability and approach to technology.”*

There are an impressive 250 metres of black, sculptural style cladding around the lift-well core, offering a stark and chic contrast to the white flooring. The floor also boasts Australia’s largest switch glass installation (you know the type, a current passes through the surface and the wall goes opaque). Impeccably cabled, double screen, large and open workspaces result in a clean and clear workplace, free of hazards. This creative workspace is key to creative thinking. The colour palette is tres chic in black and white, with grey and silver accents.

the view of Sydney Harbour at Aurora Place
The view at Aurora Place
Chic workstations
Chic workstations
Reception Area
Reception Area
Open plan work stations at Aurora Place
Open plan work stations at Aurora Place
Coffee and meeting place at Aurora Place
Coffee and meeting place at Aurora Place
Impeccable workstations at Aurora Place
Impeccable workstations 
Reception area at Aurora Place
Reception area
More great views

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