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ArchiTechture: The Gadgets Behind The Building

ArchiTechture: The Gadgets Behind The Building

Building a home in the modern world isn’t like the process people used to go through. Paper has gone out of the window, along with traditional drawing and measuring methods, making this field a lot more interesting when you consider the tech. To help you to understand this, this post will be exploring some of the different techy tools being used by architects to produce the buildings being made today.

3D Modelling/Rendering: Being able to create a 3D model of a building without ever touching a piece of card or wooden dowel is an amazing gift to designers. This enables ideas to be tested and reworked in a matter of minutes instead of hours, while also giving them the chance to better visualize the plans they have. 3D models allow for texturing, further adding to the realism found with them. Software like Google Sketchup is completely free, so anyone can give it a try if they’re feeling creative, but you might have to learn a little bit before you get started.

Simulation: Once you have a 3D model made, a few attributes can be added to make the components act like the materials they will be made from. From there, special testing software which assesses the building can make sure that it will be safe for occupants. In some cases, this will be used to test natural disasters, as these events are unpredictable and hard to use for proper testing.

Measuring: In the past, an architect would have to spend hours working on measurements for a new build, and even longer if an existing structure was being adapted. Nowadays, though, lasers are on the scene, making measuring a much easier job. Not only do these tools enable designers to measure flat surfaces, but they also have the ability to check depths, making them very useful in loads of different scenarios. Of course, this sort of advancement comes at a price, and buildings can feel less organic with perfect lines throughout.

Presentation: When you have a 3D model at your disposal, testing isn’t the only benefit you have. VR has made it possible for virtual tours to give investors a true insight into what they’re spending their money on. Having this power makes it much easier for architects to sell their designs, as most people will prefer to see something before they spend.

Fabrication: Finally, as the last area to consider, the fabrication and construction of a modern building are also very different to the past. With their designs ready, a quick email to an organization like TPM Construction Company could be enough to get the build underway. 3D printing is making a huge difference in this area, with recent developments enabling businesses to use devices to print homes with concrete.

ArchiTechture: The Gadgets Behind The Building
ArchiTechture: The Gadgets Behind The BuildingArchiTechture: The Gadgets Behind The Building

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start taking more interest in the world of building and construction. As technology takes a greater hold on this industry, it becomes closer and closer to the work done by those in interior design. This makes it exciting to see what the future might hold, especially in places where the climate allows for new building techniques.



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