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Adding Elegance to Your Home Decor

Adding Elegance to Your Home Decor

Your home is your private space. It’s where you are free to relax. It’s the one place on earth that you are safe and completely at peace. It’s where you make your biggest decisions, have your most precious moments and where you spend the vast majority of your time. But, it’s also where you entertain guests.

We invite people into our homes. We welcome visitors, we feed our friends and family, and we try our best to both make others feel comfortable and impress them with our decor choices.

Your home’s decor should show off your personality and taste while being comfortable, relaxing and unique. A little elegance here and there is a wonderful way to create the perfect space. Somewhere that eases your mind and impresses your guests. But, that doesn’t mean that elegance needs to take over. If your tastes are more fun and quirky, a few elegant touches can be all that you need to transform your home into a sophisticated and stylish paradise. If you are struggling a high-end interior designer can help you to bring everything together.

Choose a Colour Scheme

Screenshot 9
This stunning teal, navy and neutral palette is a wonderful example of a restrained yet distinctive colour scheme. Credit: James Said

It’s amazing what a massive difference a bit of paint can make to the elegance of your home. Clashing colours, too many different shades and too much of one shade can all make things look tacky. Choose a colour scheme for each room in your house. Try to stick to two or three main colours that work well together, and stick to them, adding lighter shades here and there. Your colour scheme should be cohesive and easy on the eye.

Change Handles and Knobs

Handles and doorknobs draw focus more than you might imagine. They make an impression and can help to set the tone of your home, and of your individual rooms. Changing handles and knobs is much cheaper than replacing doors and cupboards, but you’ve still got endless options. Change the handles on cupboard doors, replacing boring ones with elegant detailing. Look around antique stores for cool knobs for drawers and cupboards, and even look at replacing handles on your internal doors.

Add Texture

Add texture to your decor adds interest and a tactile experience.
Adding texture can transform your decor. Credit: James Said

Texture is a fantastic way to add elegance, to keep things warm and to make your home look cosier and more comfortable. Heavy velvet curtains, cushions and throws, wall hangings and even rugs all add texture and elegance to your home. Try to use different materials, like velvet, satin, and linen, where you can, while sticking to your colour scheme.

Focus on Beautiful Pieces

Most of us can’t afford expensive artwork, antique furniture or designer accessories. But, fortunately, you don’t need to. Instead of trying to fill your home with expense, which often just ends up looking flashy and cheap, focus on individual pieces.

statement pieces will transform your interior design.
A statement chandelier will add a focus to a room. Credit: James Said

Find accessories, lamps, frames, artwork, and vases that you love, and invest in quality when you can. One beautiful piece, in an otherwise simple room, can draw focus, add elegance and style, and stand out.

Lighting Options

The lighting in your home shouldn’t just be to light your rooms when it’s dark. You should be using them to give yourself options. Lamps and lanterns, instead of overhead lights can change the focus of your room. They can make everything softer and more attractive, and they can highlight those beautiful pieces. If you are on a budget, even candles can be effective.

Collaborative post. All images are from James Said



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