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5 Ways You Can Start Going Green Today

5 Ways You Can Start Going Green Today

Want to start saving the planet? Adopting a green lifestyle needn’t require drastic measures – in fact there are many ways in which you can start living green today. Here are just five ways to start living an eco-friendly lifestyle.  

Start watching your waste

We live in a throwaway culture, where many things simply get chucked when we no longer need them. Start thinking about everything you throw away from now on – could it be recycled, repaired, sold or donated instead? Studies made by the Australian Seniors Insurance Agency found that many of us prioritise are financial and social legacy over leaving an environmental legacy, with 1 in 3 seniors believing that they’re not doing enough to recycle and repair old items. If you don’t already recycle, start a new container for recycled items and consider repairing things that are broken rather than instantly throwing them in the trash.

Walk more, drive less

A major way in which many of us can reduce our carbon footprint is by driving less. Try not to rely on the car for short local trips – if you can walk it or cycle it in under half an hour, try relying on this mode of travel instead. Walking/cycling isn’t just better for the environment but it’s also cheaper and healthier. You may not get to your destination as quickly, but it could be a great chance to combine exercise and get some fresh air.

Start eating organic food

When shopping for food, consider taking a look at the label. Organic foods are free of chemicals such as pesticides and artificial fertilisers making them better for the environment. Some organic foods can be more expensive, although you may be able to save money by going down to your local market. There are also organic food stores online where you can order your shopping from.

Reduce your energy usage

Your energy usage could be something to also consider changing. According to The National Academies, global consumption of energy is thought to increase by 40% over the next two decades. This energy will require draining the Earth of its remaining fossil fuels, whilst increasing pollution caused by power station. You can start using up less energy today by unplugging electrical devices that aren’t in use and turning off lights when you’re not in the room. Using heating less can also make a big difference – when the temperature drops think twice about reaching for the thermostat. Unless it really is uncomfortably cold, you may simply be able to layer up to stay warm.

Try homemade cleaning solutions

Many cleaning solutions are full of chemicals which can be released into the environment causing harm. Guides such as this one at Keeper Of The Home can help you to start making your own DIY cleaning solutions. Many of these can be made using household ingredients and are just as effective at cleaning as chemical solutions.



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