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5 Tips To Transition To A Remote Work Set Up

5 Tips To Transition To A Remote Work Set Up

This year, most businesses have needed to make a transition to a remote work set up. As the pandemic continues, companies are still adjusting, and finding strategies that work for them. To help you make progress with your remote work transition, keep in mind the following tips.

1. Get The Right Tools

Working remotely means you’ll need the right business communication tools. To help your team to collaborate effectively, consider these options:

  • High Five: High Five is a video conferencing tool, supporting companies to conduct productive meetings online. The software includes an easy set-up process and requires no special equipment. Features include network evaluation, analytics and screen sharing.
  • Asana: Asana is a leading project management solution which is perfect for remote working. Here your teams can improve collaboration on projects, and communicate with ease. The software uses boards, meaning you can set project priorities and visualize workloads.
  • Zoho Cliq: Zoho Cliq combines video, messaging and voice to offer a full range of collaboration options. It’s simple to attach files with drag and drop, saving you time.

2. Preserve Your Company Culture

Entrepreneurs know that company culture is essential, and you’ve probably put a lot of effort into building yours. When you’re working remotely, it’s important to preserve your company culture and keep up team morale. Create work social events, even if these are only online. Zoom quizzes are a real hit at the moment, and you could even offer up some fun virtual prizes!

3. Consider The Long Term

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the business world as we know it, and at this time, it’s important to consider the long term. Perhaps it would save your business money to stop renting an office and work remotely permanently? While you’re making this transition self-storage solutions can be helpful. For a leading storage facility, take a look at Amberley Self Storage.

4. Supercharge Your Online Presence

As the economy becomes a tougher landscape, improving your marketing is a great idea. The best way to improve your marketing right now is to supercharge your online presence. In 2020, it’s all about creating compelling video content to engage and grow your audiences. Live streaming is the way to improve your reach and highlight your authenticity. Try platforms such as Vimeo, Facebook Live or Wirecast. With the right video content you’ll improve your digital marketing in no time.

5. Create The Right Work Area

It may sound simple, but creating the right work area is so essential for remote working. Ideally, you should create a workspace that’s entirely separate from your leisure space, for example, a garden office. Ensure that you set up an ergonomic workstation, choose bright colours, and use plants as decor. Declutter your space to ensure zero distractions, and consider an under-desk bike (to get a work out while you work)!

Working remotely isn’t for everyone and it can take a little while to adjust. Be patient with yourself and your team, to ease the pressure.



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