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5 Tips to Keep Costs Low Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party

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How can you keep costs low when planning your kid’s birthday party? 

As a parent, you already know the importance of celebrating your child’s birthday but you might also dread the potential costs,m especially in this climate. You don’t want to scrimp on anything, whether it’s birthday gifts, activities, or invites, but you also can’t feasibly throw a lavish party without dipping into your emergency budget. So how can you keep costs low when planning your kid’s birthday party? 

Host It At Home 

You might want to rent a venue for your kid’s birthday because there will be more space and you don’t need to worry about other kids breaking things. However, renting a venue can become expensive, and you can still fulfil many of your party ideas by hosting it at home. If the weather’s nice, you can let the kids play in the garden or the living room, but it’s also worth putting some rooms off limits, such as your bedroom. Remember, you will need to clean up at the end of the party. 

Make Treats Yourself 

How much can a birthday cake and snacks cost, really? You might be surprised at how much money you end up spending at the supermarket, especially when you consider that not all of these snacks will be eaten. If you fancy yourself more than capable in the kitchen, making treats yourself, such as this pumpkin cheesecake recipe, can help you save money and add something more personal to your kids’ party. 

Borrow Decorations 

Every household has a box of decorations in the loft, but who knows whether they are suitable for your child’s birthday, especially if they are personalised? They could also be many years old and falling apart. Rather than buying new decorations, you can borrow banners, party hats, and balloons from friends and family. This is especially useful if you have siblings with kids of their own who don’t need their Batman decorations anymore, but would be perfect for your your superhero-loving kid. 

Get Friends And Family to Help 

Facing a platoon of loud little children is overwhelming for anyone, so recruiting friends and family to help you manage the day can save money and ease stress. You can focus on preparing food in the kitchen and others can entertain the kids with games or just keep an eye on them to ensure no one gets too excited and hurts themselves. 

Homemade Activities 

Your kids’ party will need entertainment, but you might not have the budget to splurge for a bouncy castle or a magician. Instead, you can try homemade activities like this scavenger hunt that keeps the kids busy while you’re sorting other things out and gives them something fun to do. Besides this, classics like musical chairs or statues are always a winner and you can award prizes to the winners. 

Party Time 

You want to give your child the best birthday possible, but you also want to keep costs low. These tips should help you rally your friends and family, make something yourself that’s full of love, and still give your child a birthday to remember. 



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