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Kid’s Party Ideas To Try This Year

fun kids party

Organising a party for your kids birthday can be incredibly fun and also incredibly stressful at the same time. If you are looking for the ideal way to celebrate your child’s birthday this year in a more unique way, we have some great ideas for you today. 

Every child is different and sometimes it can be fun to break the mould of a traditional party for something more exciting. Here are some fun ideas for you to try this year for your kid’s birthday party. 

Hire an entertainer 

It is surprising how many parents have never hired a kids party entertainer for their child. There are some amazing entertainers out there ideal for younger kids who will create a wonderful atmosphere at your home or at a venue and will help to keep the kids occupied for hours. If you have never done this before you should definitely consider it! 

Trampoline party 

Did you know there are whole venues that are filled from floor to ceiling in trampolines? For a different spin on a birthday party this year you can hire out a trampoline park and allow the kids to burn off their energy and have fun for a few hours. It is not only a unique way to celebrate a birthday but you’ll end up with some very tired children and happy parents! 

Bring animals home 

There are many animal handlers and experts out there who will come to your home, schools, or other events and bring along some creatures to educate and excite people. If your child has a scientific mind and they love animals, inviting an animal handler to your party is a unique and amazing idea. They won’t easily forget the experience of tickling a tarantula! 

Medieval banquet 

If you have a child who loves all things fantasy, a great idea would be to host a medieval banquet either at your home or at a specialist venue. Every child can dress up in fantasy costumes and they will be able to enjoy old fashioned foods as well as jousting and jesters. 

Sports day 

If your child has a birthday during the summer, a great idea would be to set up a sports day in your back garden. You can source some potato sacks for a fun sack race, create your own obstacle course with household items and have a relay course. Have fun coming up with new and exciting events and host it like you would an olympic games. You can even create a 1st, 2nd and 3rd podium for the winners! 

Home cinema

If your child is a little older and isn’t fussed about a huge party, you could create a home cinema experience for them and their closest friends instead. It will be easy to turn your living room into a cosy cinema by placing newspaper over the windows, turning on the speakers, and grabbing some cushions and blankets to lay on the floor. You can make your own flavour popcorn and some nachos, and between movies come in and bring ice creams!



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