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4 Ways To Travel on a Budget


Most people would like to travel as much as possible because travelling allows us to experience new cultures and meet new people. Unfortunately, travelling can be expensive, especially if you have a young family who will need to travel with you. However, this does not mean that you have to miss out on new places and experiences.

Visit your home country

As much as we would all like to travel abroad, travel restrictions in place at the moment can make it challenging to do so without even considering finances. Therefore, if you are unable to travel abroad, you could consider visiting areas of your own country and seeing more of your home nation. If you are looking to do this on a budget, you could consider booking with accommodation eildon. Holiday parks like this one are great if you want to holiday at home and you have a family to take with you, as these holiday parks have lots of entertainment for children that usually do not come at any extra cost to you.  

Stay with family or friends

Obviously, not everybody has family that live in ideal holiday locations, but if you have family that do, then it may be worth asking them if you could stay with them during your holiday. This will be cheaper than booking a hotel or Airbnb and gives you an ideal opportunity to catch up with loved ones. You could even offer to cook and clean for them, so you’re contributing to the household while you are staying with them. In addition, you could reach out to family via social media and make your plans quickly and conveniently!

Book outside of school holidays

This is more difficult to do if you have children, as it would mean taking them out of school for a holiday. However, if you are only trying to book a holiday for adults, you should consider booking outside of school holiday dates. This means that your plane or train tickets will be cheaper and will bring down the overall cost of your holiday. It also means that your holiday will likely be quieter, especially if you plan to go to a popular summer holiday destination. 

If you cannot book outside of school holidays, you could look at booking a holiday to an unusual holiday destination. For example, most people in the summer tend to go to warmer climates; you could consider going to a colder one which will likely be less popular at that time of the year.

Do not splurge while you are on your vacation

It may be very tempting to splurge when you are away on holiday, but if you are trying to stick to a budget then you should not do this. Before you go away, plan any trips you want to do and make a daily budget and try your best to stick to it. One way of keeping costs low is to cook for yourself rather than eat out at restaurants every day. However, you can treat yourself, just be sure not to go over the top. 

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