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3 Life Design Tips to Help Your Achieve Your Dreams

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Do you know that the average individual is about 2-5 key steps away from living the life of their dreams? That’s true. It’s incredible when you think about it. For example, if you’re currently working a minimum wage job but desire to earn a six-figure annual salary, you only need to:

  • Learn a high-value skill or get the required certifications
  • Do an internship or get relevant lower-paying jobs/gigs to build experience
  • Apply to and get those six-figure jobs or go pitch clients who can pay you for your service

See? Just 3 steps and you’re well on your way to a good life. When you realise this, it opens up your mind in ways you never thought possible. If you’re looking for practical tips that can help make your dreams come true, this article will help you. 

Practise Self-Belief

This might seem like pedestrian advice, but the reality is that even though many people are aware of this concept, few practice it. 

This is why many people go on to live ordinary dull lives where they accept any and everything that comes their way, instead of actually believing that they can change, mould, and transform their lives however they see fit. 

Start by believing that you can do absolutely anything you choose to –with the right information, team, access, and resources, of course. You need to embrace the idea that you can design your life and improve it in whatever way you choose. This foundation is absolutely critical to a successful life. Without it, your dreams will never be a reality.  

Become Biased to Action

Everyone has dreams. Whether those dreams live or die depends on just one thing: a relentless, unstoppable bias towards action. Most people find ways to unconsciously self-sabotage their dreams. 

First, they believe their dreams to be too big and unrealistic, forgetting that everything they have, use, and see were once dreams too. Doubt it? Take a look at your vehicle, your house, your clothes… everything you use. They were manufactured “out of thin air”.

 And the only reason they now exist is because people were biased towards action and went to work creating these things instead of just dreaming about them. So, decide on your dreams, look up effective ways to achieve them, and get to work.

Outsource All Mundane Tasks

Once you get to work on your dreams, you need to quickly figure out the most vital activities and outsource the rest. For example, if you’re building an industrial cleaning business, the first thing you need to go do is get clients or customers. 

That should be your priority; not designing your logo or building a website or doing one of the many mundane and unnecessary activities that will not directly translate to revenue. You can always outsource those tasks while you focus on knocking on doors, calling businesses or prospective clients, and fulfilling orders. 

Remember as per Pareto Principle, 20 percent of business activities translate to 80 percent of its revenues. And while those percentages are more a guide, it just goes to reinforce the idea that only a few crucial activities will produce the most results. 

Cover Photo by Alexander Suhorucov from Pexels



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