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4 Ways To Help Your Immune System This Winter

4 Ways To Help Your Immune System This Winter

Winter is the season of cold. You’re much more likely to struggle with a runny nose and fever when the temperatures drop than at any other time of the year. However, your vulnerability to germs and infections is not linked to the weather, but your immune system. The relaxed and sedentary lifestyle most people embrace in winter can dramatically affect your natural defenses against seasonal bugs. Therefore, if you’re going to stay healthy this winter, you need to be smart about maintaining your immune health. The first and most important rule here is that multivitamin supplements alone are not going to help you. While you need to stick to a healthy and balanced diet – aka eating all your vitamins with your meal – you can also boost your immune system to stay on the safe side. 

Restore your gut flora

The gut environment influences your health in many ways. Researchers have demonstrated the link between unbalanced gut microbiota and diseases such as depression and lung disorders. Your gut bacteria is detrimental to the function of your immune system as it shows the difference between good and bad bacteria. The food you eat helps to develop your gut flora. Unfortunately, the typical winter diet of comfort food fails to support your intestine health. You can find it beneficial to take activated probiotics with your meals to restore your gut flora. A diverse microbiota can ensure your immune system recognizes bad bacteria.  

Spend plenty of time outside

Your immune system relies on vitamin D, which is scarce in winter – when most people choose to stay indoors. Making sure you get to spend at least 20 minutes outside every day can make a significant difference in keeping your healthy. Indeed, contrary to common belief, you won’t catch a cold because the weather is cold. Therefore, more room in your day-to-day schedule for outdoor activities, such as looking after your garden space or running. It doesn’t matter whether the day is cloudy or rainy; you’ll catch just as much direct sunlight! 

Reduce your stress levels

Is winter especially stressful? Studies imply that people are more likely to be stressed out in winter than during the summer. Unfortunately, SAD can explain the discrepancy. Stress affects your immune system and weakens your defenses. Therefore, you need to focus your attention on effective stress-relief hobbies. Creative activities such as coloring and bullet journaling can give you the key to ease your anxiety. Many adults experience joy and calm in the process of writing down their thoughts or drawing new ideas, for instance. 

Work out regularly

You can’t train your immune system, but you can keep it healthy by exercising. Indeed, regular exercise helps to address some of the most common health issues. Working out only 20 minutes a day helps to decrease inflammation, which can cause autoimmune diseases. It can also control hypertension and diabetes, giving your immune system more leverage to defend yourself against seasonal bacteria and bugs in winter.  

Can you avoid catching a cold this winter? It’s hard to predict, but you can make sure your body is equipped to fight off nasty germs. Indeed, boosting your immune system is the safest way to enjoy the snowy season! 



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