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4 Things To Do To Boost Your Health This Month

4 Things To Do To Boost Your Health This Month

We all fall into the trap of letting things slide from time to time. We might be grabbing a few more takeaways than we normally would and sloping home to lie on the sofa rather than getting out for a run. It is easy to let good habits slide, but today we want to help you to feel good again, body and mind, with 4 things to do to boost your health this month. 

Drink more water

If you rarely drink water then this is going to make a real difference to you, and quickly. 

Make an effort to drink more water each and every day. Aim to drink around six glasses a day and you should reap the benefits. Along with putting more water into your body, you will probably be cutting down on the caffeine-filled or sugary drinks that you were previously filling up on. 

Keep a bottle or glass near to you all day and sip from it regularly.

Take up a new form of exercise

We know that exercise is great for us as both our physical and mental health improves when we exercise regularly. The challenge can sometimes be in sticking to it as it can be easy to get complacent or just plain bored with our fitness regimes.

When this happens, it is time to take up a new form of exercise. Take a look at what is available in your area or ask friends and family for recommendations. If you take up a sport or hobby with a friend you are far more likely to continue to do it as you will be in it together.

You can also stay fit in the comfort of your own home. Put on some comfortable clothing and pop YouTube on. You will find thousands of exercise routines and classes there for free, from yoga tutorials to zumba workouts. 

Stop smoking

You know that it is bad for your health, and your pocket, so this is one to move to the top of your priority list. Stopping smoking will have a huge impact on your health for the better. 

You might be able to simply stop when you say that you will. If you choose to do this, be sure to let friends and family know so that they can support you and refrain from smoking around you whilst you are fighting the addiction. 

Alternatively you might try nicotine patches or vaping. You can find out more about vaping and the range of products at

Get outside

This one is so simple to do, you just need to get outside. Spending time outside is good for you in so many ways, from boosting your immune system to giving you body a much-needed vitamin D hit. 

When we spend time outside, the chances are that we are moving around. Whether we are running or just strolling, it is better for your body than sitting down. The fresh air and stimulus of being outdoors also gives your mental health a lift. 

Grab your dog and go for a walk or call your friends and arrange to run around the local park this evening. 



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