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3 Essential Tips for Detoxing Your Home

3 Essential Tips for Detoxing Your Home

No matter how hard we might try to live healthy, organic, and toxin-free lives, it’s impossible to avoid the fact that the modern world is nonetheless completely filled with different toxic agents that need detoxing. These which find their way into everything from our food, to our cosmetics, and not least of all, our homes.

Whether it’s detoxing heavy metal buildup that can damage our brains and affect our moods, potentially in the form of mercury-containing fillings that should be removed by a service such as, toxic spores and moulds which can wreak havoc on our lungs, or various estrogenic plastics that can cause cancer, it’s more important than ever before to be on guard against these hidden toxins.

Here are some straightforward things you can do, quickly and easily, to help in the path to detoxing your home.

Buy lots of houseplants for detoxing the air

Did you know that houseplants have an amazing ability to purify the air? Well, you’re probably aware that plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen, and that’s great all by itself, but it’s nowhere near being the end of the story.

In fact, plants also filter various toxic elements from the air, and purify it during the process. Think of it as a sort of recycling process for the air in your home.

This effect is so powerful, that NASA has done lots of research into the ability of these different plants to create clean air for use in various space programs and missions. You can find easily accessible books which present their findings and recommend the best plants for detoxing the air of various negative compounds.

If you’re living in the home equivalent of a desert, have a go at turning it into a forest instead. Not only will things look better, your air quality will be massively improved.

Change plastic for glass containers

using glass in place of plastic for food storage is helpful in detoxing your home
using glass in place of plastic for food storage is helpful in detoxing your home

Plastic may be the perfect way of packaging and storing our food for a long life, but it also has a bunch of terrible side-effects for both the environment at large, and for our own health as well.

Aside from the fact that plastic is filling the sea and causing great harm to different fish and marine life populations, there’s also the fact that plastics such as BPA have scientifically documented estrogenic properties in the body, and can contribute to things like cancer, hormone imbalances, and so on.

As much as possible, try and reduce the amount of plastic you use in your day-to-day life. Switch out your plastic water bottles and lunch boxes for glass, metal, or alternative types. If you do have to use plastic, make sure it advertises itself as BPA free.

Buy air and water filters

Some of the toxic elements in our homes, in both the air and the water, can easily be missed and won’t be handled by a regular cleanup or a good range of houseplants.

Micro-spores of mould can have cancer-causing and other negative effects, and even bits of pet hair can trigger allergies. Buying an affordable HEPA air filter can make all the difference in this regard.

And for the different chemicals which can end up in tap water, via the processing plant? A centrally installed filter system would be ideal, but a Brita filter jug is the next best thing.





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