17 Subtle Ways To Improve Your Marriage

Marriage can be a tricky institution to navigate. Here are seventeen ways to improve it.

Marriage can be a tricky institution to navigate. Here are seventeen ways to improve it. 

  1. Look after your partner

It might sound funny to say it, but looking after your partner can have a massive impact on their wellbeing. Practicing your parenting skills on them can really help. 

  1. Buy them a surprise gift

Going through the motions and buying people gifts and birthdays and Christmas is nice, but it can get a little tiresome in a long-term relationship. Why not spice things up by sending presents spontaneously?

  1. Invest in time together

We spend very little quality time with our partners. We dedicate so much of our lives to chores and work that it’s hard to find the time. Spend at least one day per week with them doing something fun.

  1. Prioritise fun

Speaking of which, prioritising fun is important. People are at their happiest when they’re doing things they enjoy, especially in relationships. 

  1. Always retain part of yourself

When you’re with a partner, your life can sometimes become entirely about them. It’s important, though, to hold a piece of your identity back. 

  1. Be open

Being open about your needs can lead to arguments, but it’s essential. The more you do it, the more the people in the relationship feel able to thrive and communicate. 

  1. Don’t cheat

Cheating is one of the big reasons spouses talk to divorce lawyers. If you’re thinking about cheating, think carefully about why. Usually, it is something you can work out before you betray the other person’s trust. 

  1. Talk about your fears

Getting into a marriage can be a difficult thing if you’re not able to talk to your partner about your fears. Be honest with them about what you’re worried about and see what they say in response. Perhaps they’re concerned about the same things. 

  1. Come to an arrangement with the chores

If both people are working the same hours, then it makes sense to divide the chores equally. However, if one person is working full-time and the other part-time, then a fifty-fifty split isn’t fair and will eventually cause resentment. 

  1. Avoid name-calling

This one should be obvious, but name-calling is a great way to detonate a relationship and create all kinds of problems. 

  1. Go through a routine

Relationship routines, such as going for a walk on a Sunday afternoon, are incredibly important. They help bond people together. 

  1. Plan little things to help your partner

Planning to help your partner is a great way to add value to the relationship and keep things moving forward. Do little things like tidy up provide gifts. 

  1. Ask how they’re feeling

Communicating feelings is vital for moving forwards in relationships. 

  1. Be respectful

Respecting your partner is important too. Keep teasing to a minimum and only use it to point out weaknesses your partner can’t see. 

  1. Take a bath together

It sounds sexy, and it is. 

  1. Cook a meal

Preparing a meal for the person you love. Show them you care. 

  1. Encourage them to take the next step in life

Sometimes they need that extra bit of support you can provide. 


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