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Winning More Jobs As A Contractor

winning more jobs as a contractor
Winning jobs is arguably the most daunting prospect of the self-employment path. As such, many workers stick to traditional employment. With the following tips, though, you won't need to.

If you are a construction worker or a residential builder, it is statistically very likely that you are self-employed and you’ll be interested in winning more jobs as a contractor. If this is the case, you will be blessed with the opportunity to earn good money while working on a varied range of projects. Before this happens, though, you need to win more contracts from the industry.

It is arguably the most daunting prospect of the self-employment path. As such, many workers stick to traditional employment. With the following tips, though, you won’t need to.

#1. Join An Industry-Specific Network Or Agency

Over time, you’ll be able to grow a network and reputation through word of mouth. In the meantime, the gig economy is arguably the best resource for landing more jobs. With the right networking platforms for engineers and related contractors, you can bid for contracts in seconds. Moreover, clients can actively approach you about their projects. You already boast the tools needed to thrive, but it’s very hard without visibility. Do not forget it.

#2. Ensure That You Are Eligible

It’s pointless putting yourself up for jobs that you are not permitted to complete. In traditional employment, you can ask the company to aid in your development. In your position, though, the responsibility falls on your shoulders. Taking a safety at heights qualification, for example, can open the door to a plethora of extra roles and contracts. Expanding your skillset by gaining a license to use forklifts, cranes, and other machinery is useful too.

#3. Increase Your Availability

The great thing about being self-employed and using the gig economy is that you can set your own schedule. However, if you’re regularly unavailable, it will cost you a lot of contracts. Where possible, try to keep your diary free from non-work commitments. Then, when you have a free day or week, this time can be used in a productive fashion. On a side note, opening your eyes to the prospect of working abroad may be highly beneficial. Getting paid to travel. Lovely.

#4. Add Strings To Your Bow

On the one hand, building a reputation as a specialist in your field is vital. On the other hand, though, diversifying your skills can help you upsell your services. For example, as a builder, being able to combine the conservatory conversion with lawn installations can lead to extra work. It means fewer clients but more contracts, which is ideal for your convenience. Besides, enjoying different types of work can maintain fresh energy in your career.

#5. Invest In Yourself

When working on any job, communication will play a key role in ensuring that clients get what they desire. Therefore, it’s imperative that you make a solid first impression in every situation. Good body language is vital while a little online research into the company and the main person of contact is crucial too. Essentially, you are your biggest USP and will make all the difference in the battle to beat other contractors to the deal. Build a rapport right away, and the contract will be yours.



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