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Work For It? Why? Tech & Med Will Give You It!


We all want to be healthy, we want to stay fit, live better lives and in general keep our bodies in great shape. To stay healthy, you might think that you either need to have good genes, work your body like there’s no tomorrow or never treat yourself to any delicious treats. You might even think you need to limit yourself to a liquid diet. Does that sound familiar? Well, you might be surprised to hear that medicine and more importantly, technology are changing the way we think about our health and how we keep our quality of life at a constant high.

Why Work For It When You Can Tech Up

You might have noticed my recent post about Cryotherapy. If you didn’t, let me catch you up. Cryotherapy essentially means that you freeze off fat. That’s right, rather than bothering to hit the gym, you can get thinner by standing in a freezer. It’s not as sci fi as it sounds of course. It’s actually a very simple, subtle and direct procedure. The freezing chemicals only target fat cells, allowing you to eradicate those belly rolls.

This is essentially the 21st century equivalent of a stomach stapling or a nip and stuck, only without the surgery. As such, it’s a suitable option for a lot more people and the sophisticated tech is truly incredible. It also highlights the point perfectly. Do we really need to work for it, as Britney Spears suggested?

Forget About Failures From Age

It’s absolutely true to say that when you get older your body does start to fail on you. The elasticity in your skin: gone. The bounce in your step: painful arthritis. Your hearing: YOUR HEARING. As such, you might think that once you reach a certain age, it’s all downhill. But that’s not true. Clinics and research practices specialising in hearing issues can help a great deal here. They can make sure that your hearing doesn’t completely go as you start to age with tech like implants and that’s just the beginning. Scientists actually believe they are closer than you would imagine to the complete cure for ageing.

Do you think you have to eat healthy every day to stay in shape? Perhaps you do right now but with the tech we’ve already discussed, you may not for much longer. In fact, according to research, dieting doesn’t work. You’ll be far better off if you eat when you’re hungry, exercise a normal amount or use tech to shed those pounds and don’t worry too much about what’s on your plate.

The only thing you have to watch out for is eating when you’re not actually hungry. Eating junk can be as addictive as drugs and this is the issue most people have when they try and get in shape. It’s not their meals per say. It’s that they are eating more than they should, simply because they are bored, depressed or feel alone,

It won’t be true for everyone but studies suggest a lot of people get fat because of their eating habits, not their diet.

So you see it’s true, new tech and research are changing the way we think about what we have to do to get in shape, stay healthy and stay young. At least, they should be!



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