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Why Self-Confidence Is A Highly Personal Affair

Why Self-Confidence Is A Highly Personal Affair

While self-confidence can be defined in a number of ways, perhaps the only self-confidence techniques that matter are the ones that help you feel the best in yourself. It’s easy for people to give advice such as ‘fake it until you make it,’ because that can work if you try hard enough. But instead of forcing our self-confidence, shouldn’t we naturally feel it? Shouldn’t it be an ever-present extension of our love for yourself? Or should we have to work for it, to define it, to mould it like clay in our hands until it’s the perfect fit for whatever we choose to use it for?

One mistake you can make is thinking that self-confidence is some static thing that you achieve once and then achieve for the rest of your life. That sounds nice, but the reality is a little stranger than that. Self-confidence is a dynamic flow, something that can aid you or not. If you can adapt to or overcome the following advice, you may understand this thoroughly for yourself:

Challenge Limiting Beliefs

Challenging limiting beliefs is the best way to grow self-confidence, bar none. We often believe a range of things about ourselves, formed at different times in our life. We might have thought ‘I can never play sports, I’m not good at them,’ due to failing passing the puck in a hockey game when we were fifteen and in school. Are ten years of missed sporting activities you might have loved due to this one thought worth it? Not at all. But we often hold onto our self-belief because we think challenging them means opening ourselves up to that difficulty again, when really, it might not have been a hard difficulty at all. Challenging limiting beliefs wherever you find them can open new doors to you, and after a while this feeling with become wonderful, especially when bursting through the issues you might have held for some time.

Understand It’s About You

It’s about you. Self confidence is something that you will carry with you. You cannot give it to others, and they cannot give it to you. If you know something is right, and you keep an open mind, then you legitimize your own opinion. For example, accepting body flaws you believe you have or changing them with the services of leading surgeon Dr Tavakoli are both correct options. It all depends on how you wish to move forward, on weighing the pros and cons of each, and of loving yourself thoroughly when all is said and done.

Rationality & Pushing Forward

Rationality is great. It can keep us from difficult situations, it can help us stay safe, and it can keep us on the straight and narrow. But sometimes, rationality isn’t all there is. If you were rational, you might not tell that person you like that you want to date them. You may rationalize yourself away from it, thinking that they couldn’t possibly like you. This is just one example, but sometimes bravery can be more important than rationality, depending on the situation. Knowing this is the essence of self-confidence.

With these tips, you are sure to enjoy the self-belief you deserve to.

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