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Why New Build Property Developments Aren’t Always Worth It

Why New Build Property Developments Aren't Always Worth It
Initially, the lure of a brand new home seems very tantalising. Indeed, there are many advantages of owning a completely new home in a new housing development.

These days, you see hundreds of homes being constructed in different property developments all over your area. It seems that you turn a corner and there’s a housing development starting somewhere. These new areas will provide lots of new homes for you to take a look at. Initially, the lure of a brand new home seems very tantalising. Indeed, there are many advantages of owning a completely new home in a new housing development. 

Nevertheless, they aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be. New build development properties come with a few concerns that you need to be aware of…

Build Quality

To start, the build quality of houses in property developments can be questionable. Think about it this way, an entire small neighbourhood is constructed within a year or so. Isn’t that a bit crazy? Doesn’t it seem like homes are being built quicker than ever? Many times, it’s because builders cut corners and use poor materials to build a home as fast as possible. So, before you ever buy a new build property, ensure that a thorough home inspection is carried out. You need to be assured that this property is built correctly and won’t start crumbling or failing within a couple of years. 

Traffic Concerns

Nobody knows the impact of a new housing development until it is up and running. When all the new homes have been occupied, you start to see how it changes the area around you. What seems like a peaceful area suddenly becomes full of dozens of new families and cars. This can wreak havoc on the traffic situation, leaving you with a delayed commute to work/school each day. When you buy older homes, you have a better view of what the traffic and work commute will be like. 

Noise Issues

Again, this is something that’s only apparent when the construction is over and every house is occupied. Soon, you realise that having lots of families close together is not great for the noise situation. Also, housing developments tend to be built very cramped together and with hardly any space between the front of your house and the road. So, it can get super noisy, super quickly. Instead of being in a peaceful little suburb, it feels like you’re living in a zoo. 

On that note, should you avoid new build homes in housing developments at all costs? No, there are some advantages – and these disadvantages are all generalisations. You could find many developments with high-quality homes, no traffic concerns, and a peaceful environment. Also, you could still buy a new-build home, just not in one of these developments. Technically, you’re building the home yourself, rather than buying it, but it’s basically the same thing. This way, you have full control over the construction process and can ensure you get a home that suits your needs. 

In any case, the choice is 100% yours and yours only. Think of this as an article that gets you thinking about things from a different perspective. Hopefully, it helps you make a more informed decision when moving house. 



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