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Why Do New Employees Keep Leaving?

why do employees keep leaving

It an be hugely frustrating putting time and money into hiring new employees only for them to leave after a couple weeks. Here are several reasons as to why new staff keep leaving after a matter of weeks and what you can do to prevent this in the future.  

You’re not giving your employees enough training

on going training keeps employees informed and engaged
on going training keeps employees informed and engaged

If employees aren’t getting trained, they may feel as if they’re not being valued. Even new employees with previous experience need training so that they understand your individual company methods. Without enough training, employees could feel stressed by the demands they’re being given and could feel out of their depth. All of this, could pressure them into leaving. It’s important to find enough time for training so that new employees don’t feel neglected. If you don’t have time to train staff yourself, consider using software such as ELMO lms to provide digital training, or sponsor them to go on a training course. You can also delegate training to existing senior employees or train staff out of normal work hours.  

The job duties don’t match the job description

You should also consider how you’re advertising each job vacancy – if the job doesn’t match the description advertised, many employees may feel they’ve been conned into a role they didn’t sign up for. Too often, new employees aren’t given the pay or hours they were promised, or they may end up getting given menial jobs that weren’t part of the description. Know exactly what kind of role you’re trying to fill and describe it how it is so that you’re not deceiving new employees – it may attract less applicants, but the applicants that do contact you will know what they’re in for.

Your managerial methods are scaring them away

work place bullies who are also your boss because thereis nothing you can do, especially in a small company.
work place bullies who are also your boss because thereis nothing you can do, especially in a small company.

Consider how you treat new employees – do you make a special effort to help them feel settled or do you treat them as an inconvenience? If the latter is true, you could be scaring away employees by making them feel unwelcome. You shouldn’t just be trying to make a good impression during the application process – the training period is also vital as many new employees will have had other job offers and will have no qualms in leaving. Don’t be afraid to take a managerial course as available at MTD training to help become a better manager if you feel your methods could be unintentionally scaring employees away.

Your other employees are scaring them away

Alternatively, your other employees could be to blame. If they’re making no effort to make new employees feel welcome, your new employees won’t stick around long. Camaraderie is essential – everyone in your team needs to get on so ensure that your long-serving employees aren’t scaring away the newbies.

You’re hiring the wrong applicants

Some people could simply be a bad fit for the job. They could be generally unreliable – backgrounds checks with previous employers are always a good way of finding out how reliable an applicant is. Alternatively, you could be rushing the hiring process and not looking at enough candidates to find the right one – make sure that you’re not just taking on anyone simply to fill the vacancy, as it could become empty again in a few weeks!



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