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What’s The Value Of Informative Content Outside Of SEO?

What's The Value Of Informative Content Outside Of SEO?

Unless you’ve been living under a stone for the past few years, it’s likely that you’ve become aware of the importance of valuable and informative content in the search engine optimization strategy. Google has upgraded its ranking algorithm to ensure that users can receive only the best of content. What this means is that websites that were using black hat SEO methods, such as keywords stuffing or link baiting to promote poor content have suffered a penalty and been pushed down the bottom of the search results. Consequently, useful content has become synonymous with SEO value. However, it’s a simplified vision of what good quality content can deliver for your business.

Of course, you can appear higher in the search result, but there is more to content than just a ranking position. The generation of useful content can have a variety of positive impacts on a business performance and reputation. Discover here three of the main non-SEO advantages you can gain from putting a conscientious effort into content creation.

Attracting new clients

According to King Kong digital agency reviews, there’s more than just a click to win with valuable content. If you are able to create a series of content pieces that answer customers’ questions in depth and with clarity, you know that you will first boost your web visit metrics. But what really transforms a content piece into a lead generation strategy is the presence of a call for action at the end suggesting a free consultation or audit – the freebie will naturally depend on your primary activity. The best way to attract new clients is to build an effective funnel that drives them naturally from finding an answer to hiring your services.

Building a positive reputation

Most small and medium businesses need to write their own press releases. You know exactly what these can look like: they either state a series of dull facts, or they are on desperate to boast about their achievements. In a word, press releases can feel a little awkward. But if you understand how to engage with the press and your audience in an engaging manner, you can build for yourself a fantastic business reputation. This handy content for the press guideline gives you a few points to take into consideration. Be bold, think ahead of the trends, and finally include real-life testimonials.

Become the expert in your field

Being perceived as an expert in your field is essential to represent your business effectively. In a lot of cases, you can rely on the creation of targeted niche content to address some of the questions that your audience is researching. A lot of businesses think of blog articles when they hear about content generation, but in reality, there are other options. For complex subjects, you can use FAQ style videos to share your knowledge and reassure potential customers. You can also create guides and whitepapers to dive into a topic.

Content is not just a significant SEO factor. It’s also part of your customer acquisition strategy and your reputation management activities. Besides, with the right content, you can establish yourself as the go-to expert in the field.



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