What To Do When A Project Doesn’t Go To Plan

What To Do When A Project Doesn't Go To Plan

You’ll no doubt spend all of your time with every single project that you start on making sure that every bit of it goes as smoothly as it can possibly go. You need to make sure that your project meets the Milestones it needs to meet, or you’ll find yourself struggling to keep the cash flowing to support the project. The more cash you have flowing, the more you’re going to be able to do with the project, and the more you’re going to be able to account for anything that goes wrong. But cash flow is not always a projects strong point, especially if this is the first project that you’ve gone for. A really common project to choose at the minute is home building. Small projects are being started all around the world because of how easy it is to do. So, we’re going to attack this post from that angle, and show you what you can do when a project doesn’t go to plan. 

When The Money Runs Out

This is a project builds worst nightmare, but it happens more so than you think. It’s so easy for a project builds money to run out because of the time constrictions and the work that needs to be done. If there are delays, somebody needs to be paid to keep the work on track. So then the money starts to build up, and the only thing a project can do is go to the bank and ask for more money. It becomes such a dangerous game to play, and it’s one of the reasons why such a big project builds are in huge debt. If you have a look at the likes of Carillion, you’ll see a company who seemed to be one of the best on the surface, but underneath they were crippled by debt. So, we’d always make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay away from that borrowing habit. 

When The Project Is Bigger Than You Thought 

This is one of the reasons why a project runs out of money and then runs themselves into so much debt that they can’t deal with. So, if the project is bigger than you thought, you need to go into management mode. Make sure you’re keeping the project in check down to the finest details. Working closely with site managers to keep the project on the right timescale is most important. Time is money! You also need to make sure you keep the site as clear and as usable as possible. Using Non-Destructive Digging to clear away all of the dirt from site will make it easier to work on it when the weather goes bad. The weather being terrible is another reason why a build doesn’t go to plan! People don’t come into work and the delays build up. 

When It Doesn’t Sell 

If the home you’ve built doesn’t sell then you’re going to have such a worry on your hand. The thing you need to do is drop the price and keep pushing for the sale. Drop the price to the base price that you could go for, and then start another build to get money flowing again. 


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