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Wedding Themes And Styles Aren’t The Same Thing

Wedding Themes And Styles Aren't The Same Thing

Have you decided on a theme for your wedding yet? You have probably narrowed it down to a select few and know which ones are your favorite. These could be anything from an outdoor country wedding, or the traditional church hall ceremony setting. These themes of weddings are something that everyone can understand. The outdoor theme is about countryside life, being at one with nature and loving the landscape as your backdrop. The church theme is about something holy, religious and being in a place that holds sacred power much like your vows. However, style is different. You could have a cowboy theme for your outdoor wedding, or perhaps a military style. It’s still outdoors but how you do it can be very varied. This is just one example of how style is not the same thing to theme. Understanding the differences will help you make the exact choices you want for your special day.

The overarching aspect

The wedding theme is the overarching setting of the entire wedding. Think of it as genres in movies. There are many different ways you can make a horror movie, but the setting or rather theme is still horror. This aspect of the wedding is going to be the thing that adds continuity to your day. People who attend your wedding will be able to pinpoint the kind of aesthetic setting your have gone for. The theme is perhaps the biggest showing of your personality and perhaps even what your relationship means to you both. It’s also maybe something that you have aspired to such as always being a city person but now wanting to live out your married life in the countryside. The theme is the thing that affects every single little thing about your wedding. From the location, the wedding dress, the food and even the music. So nail this down before you go any further into the smaller details.

Choosing your line of style

If themes are the overriding message of the wedding, the styles are the words that you use to express it. Styles within themes are incredibly wide-ranging and thus you may need some kind of help from Wedding Stylists to expand your knowledge. The style will affect the kind of fabric you use for the curtains at your party, the kind of folds you will have for everyone’s napkins, and perhaps even the color scheme throughout the ceremony and party. If you’re having a theme that suits the color red really well, then roses will be a stylistic choice of flower even though there are other choices out there. You can style each part of the wedding in it’s own way and yet still stick to the same theme. The intricate details are the most complex part of your wedding so understand your style before making decisions.

The theme is perhaps the most important choice that you will make for your wedding but the style will be the most fun. You can decide what the small details will be once you know what kind of message you want to send with the location and period.

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