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Wedding Essentials That Will Leave Your Guests Super Impressed

Wedding Essentials That Will Leave Your Guests Super Impressed

A wedding can often seem very different depending on whether you are standing up at the altar or are part of the congregation. Of course, as part of the couple tying the knot you want things to be fantastic, but no matter how they go your day will always be significant. However, from a guest’s point of view some weddings can be a real bore and even let down. Happily, you can avoid this happening with your guests if you just follow the advice in the post below.

Minimise the time between the service and the reception

One of the most prominent problems in a wedding is having a long time between the service itself and the reception. At best this can be boring and inconvenient for guests, and at worst it can totally kill the positive vibes and put a real damper on things.

Therefore wherever possible, be sure that you schedule just enough time for guests to travel from one venue to another, or to get the room setup if you are getting married in the same location. Also be sure to provide some refreshments such as drinks and hors-d’oeuvres as well, to make this time flow more quickly.

Don’t let anyone go hungry or thirsty

Talking of food and drink, a major no-no at any wedding is letting your guests go hungry or thirsty. In fact, to really impress them it’s essential that you employ a company that is known for their wedding catering and is well respected. After all, sandwiches that have dried out and have the corners rounded aren’t going to impress anyone.

Of course, if you want to go one better you may even choose to pay for all of your guests’ drinks as well. Something that is bound to foster a festive atmosphere, and ensure that everyone can have the best time without having to worry about the cost of the bar.

Oh, don’t forget that there are bound to be people that won’t be partaking in alcohol, as well as folks that need allergy specific, or vegetarian and vegan food. Make sure that you cater to them too, because guest certainly won’t have fun if they have to scrabble around for crumbs of anything they can eat or dregs to drink!

Allow them to leave when they want

There is literally nothing worse than being at a wedding all day and all evening, and then the happy couple looking crestfallen when you decide to leave.

Remember many guests have put a lot of time, money, and effort into attending your wedding and therefore you need to be gracious when they have decided they have had enough.

Wedding Essentials That Will Leave Your Guests Super Impressed

Yes, you might feel like you could party all night, but the feeling isn’t always one that all guests will share so allow them to be in charge of their own leaving time. Then if you want to see more of them, you can just invite them to join you and the others for breakfast the next morning!  



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