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Closet Organisation – Tips To Create a Capsule Wardrobe

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Closet organisation is more that just a tidy set of cupboards. I started to declutter my wardrobe at the same time I began to lose weight.

An organised and thoughtful wardrobe makes the easier to get ready for work, college, school, shopping, working out or going out. You’ll find this system less chaotic than throwing several outfits before settling on one.

To start my day well, I always set out my clothes for the next day, with underwear, outfit, jewellery, and handbag selected and packed.

After losing weight

As I lost a significant amount of weight, I threw away all my “big” clothes (as I am never going back there) and threw out all the super–thin clothes, apart from a couple of “goal pieces” (for me I have a pair of pants I loved and a black sequinned mini). I’m in a healthy weight range now, so that’s the main thing, but it’s nice to have inspiration

Storage Accessories

Clothes Hangers

I bought some pretty rose gold hangers from target that are thin so I can maximise hanging space. Wooden hangers are lovely but reduce what you can fit into the wardobe. as well to keep me motivated.

For closet organisation I used these rose gold hangers from Target
Rose gold hangers from Target

Drawer organisers

I bought these fantastic underwear and accessories drawer organisers from Ikea as well.

HÓFTA Ikea Underwear and accessories divider
HÓFTA Ikea Underwear and accessories divider
Ikea Draw Dividers
Ikea Draw Dividers

Organise by colour, size, length and garment type

Left cupboard left to right – Dresses, dark to light; pants, dark to light pants and skirts

Right cupboard left to right – Jackets, dark to light; jumpers/sweaters/cardigans, dark to light; shirts/tops/tees long to short to long, dark to light.

Screen Shot 2017 03 07 at 10.14.21 pm
Organised closet via Pinterest

Wardrobe Organisation – Stick to a simple palette

I tend to only buy ivory/white/cream black, pink/peach and splash of red or coral, all which are on trend and suits my colouring. I rarely buy prints.

Example of an organised closet via @lioninthewild
Example of an organised closet via @lioninthewild

Wardrobe Organisation – Purging is therapeutic

I dreaded going through my wardrobe because I’d have to face up to how many crappy, unwearable but expensive clothes I had accumulated. But I was ruthless. I turned off my empathy (I seriously felt sorry for the discarded, unloved garments – but told myself they’d have a better home at Vinnies, where someone would adopt them and give them the life I never could). I asked myself:

  1. When did I wear this last (if it wasn’t my wedding dress or ski gear) 12 months was the cut off.
  2. Do I love this? (not because it was a reminder of a time long gone, but do I love wearing this?
  3. Does this item match with a black, red, pink, peach or ivory palette?
  4. Is it damaged? (I never mend anything, I just mean to)
  5. Is it completely out of fashion? (I mean never coming back, ever)
  6. Is this a size 6? (It will take me 6 months to accomplish this by eating gravel only for the foreseeable future so let’s get real).
  7. Is it large (no, I am never going back. If it is a 14, it’s going to Vinnies along with that weight I lost).

Each garment I discarded was emotionally cathartic, so by the nd I had 2 charity bags, and a straggly looking cupboard. I felt lighter and ready for a new injection of chic in my world.

Organised Closet
Organised Closet
Colour organisation closet
Colour organisation closetCloset Organisation – Get the gear

Go out and purchase:

  • Closet Camels (to prevent mould) – it hangs on the rack and collects moisture (Target)
  • A million slim line matching hangers (Target – see below)
  • Several extra shirt/jeans/pants hanger – more than you think you need
  • Some aromatic reeds to put in a back corner so your clothes smell pretty
  • Howards Storage World or Ikea have some great ideas to organise drawers and cupboards. Just don’t buy items you think will be handy but you’ll never use.

Closet Organisation – Build Your Contents

This doesn’t happen overnight. Pace yourself. Think before you buy.

Buy within your colour palette:

This was all your clothes will go together.

  • light  (white/ivory/pale pink), medium (peach/beige/grey/tan) and dark colours (dark grey, black)
  • medium (peach/beige/grey/tan) and
  • dark colours (dark grey, black)

Think of getting a single garment in each category of your palette:

  • Pants/trousers (casual and work/formal – palazzo and slimline)
  • Skirts (short and long – pencil and full)
  • Shirts (several white lace and plain shirts are handy – short and long sleeves)
  • Dresses (casual/sundress/formal/work/short/medium/long)
  • Tops (singlets and tees)

Closet Organisation – Underwear

Get rid of any underwear over a year.

Get fitted for a bra and purchase in these colours:

  • White
  • Black and
  • Tan/peach

In the forms of

  • Strapless Bra
  • Tee Shirt Bra
  • Sexy Lace Bra
  • G-string (lace and seamless)
  • No-show undies
  • Lacy boy legs
  • Special sets (make sure each bra has a matching pair)

Closet Organisation – Shoes

  • Nude/beige and Black
  • High/mid/low heels
  • Ballet flats
  • Trainers
  • Sneakers  (not trainers but more fashion forward – clean)
  • Black/beige bags small/large

Closet Organisation – Workout Gear

Buy the best you can afford, keep a simple palette, but feel free to express your inner 80’s aerobics queen.

I mean who wouldn't love this outfit?
I mean who wouldn’t love this outfit?
George Hamilton, your tan is nothing compared to this
George Hamilton, your tan is nothing compared to this
Vera Wang Simplly Breathe
Vera Wang Simplly Breathe
Floral work out wear
Floral work out wear
Stylish work out wear
Understated work out wear – my pick to be frank

Closing thoughts?

  • This will take the guesswork out of work and casual dressing
  • Avoid prints  – they date really fast and don’t flatter IMO
  • Don’t spend big on trend items – they only last one season
  • Invest in good bags – doesn’t have to be designer, just good quality. Don’t buy a ‘designer’ bag for $500 that is a knock off of other designers’ styles (not mentioning any names but think MK). Etsy has some great original bags.
  • Don’t spend a fortune on shoes, better to have cheap well maintained shoes than expensive designer shoes that are ratty.
12 outfits from the 12-piece Common Wardrobe in navy and grey
12 outfits from the 12-piece Common Wardrobe in navy and grey

Credit: feature image from, Pinterest.

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