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Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Roses

Good morning lovers everywhere. Today is the day that we traditionally share shmulzy gifts and tokens of our love anonymously to the loves in our lives. There is an expectation that we will receive overpriced roses and chocolates, perfume or some other gift. I admit I got my husband undies (he never buys his own) and some men’s fragrance, of which I liked the smell.

But…he didn’t get me a thing out of the ordinary. I wasn’t upset and certainly didn’t feel unloved. He is the most thoughtful man I know. He brings me my morning coffee every day in bed, goes out of his way to make sure that he supports all that I do (even eating vegan despite loving meat), cooks dinner most nights, packs the dishwasher, cleans the cat litter, catches a bus from the city to Bondi because I have had too much to drink at a party, makes sure the house is stocked with the foods I like to eat, drives me places, picks me up, supports my endeavours, makes soup when I am sick, fills my car up with petrol, washes my car, listens to my tales from hard days at work, shuttles around our daughter to and from everything …the list of his care and attention to my needs and desires is endless.

So when I don’t get an overpriced red rose I am not disappointed. I saw them in Coles and didn’t expect one. He never does buy one.

He is however, bringing up his dad’s yacht so we can have lunch on the water off Manly with some friends. And I don’t have to pull any ropes or steer.

A true Valentine is all year round to me and I am lucky enough to have a #365daysvalentine

Have a wonderful day of love and remember it is not about the “stuff” you get. It is about being considerate and loving all year round.

PS. Diamonds wouldn’t be turned down today. They are always welcome. As are flowers, but I prefer white roses or pink peonies.



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