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How To Set Up Outlook Project Management

outlook project management

I had to set up a system pretty quick in my current job so I decided to push outlook project management capabilities. For some of you, this may seem obvious, but for me, coming from a Mac system and using Mac Mail, iCal, and Notes and so it was getting used to the new interface. The role, I have where I am, is every fast moving with loads of small jobs, some as little as 5 minutes. As the designer for a large bank, and maintaining their archives my time must be used wisely.

Outlook project management
Outlook project management

Effectively manage emails using Outlook project management

Answer smaller messages and replies first <15 mins

When I go open my computer in the morning, I go through my emails one by one from the oldest by the newest. I open each email in a new window and keep those windows open until I have completed with them. I answer anything that takes less that 5 – 10 minutes immediately. 

How to Use Folders in Outlook Project Management

For each person I get emails from, I creak a folder for their emails. This gives me a way to monitor the “paper trail” for correspondence. I have a top level folder for my inbox. 

rules: how to create new folder
rules: how to create new folder
  1. Clients
    • A folder for each client I deal with
  2. My employer
    • A folder for each colleague I deal with
    • Suppliers
    • Preflight Requests
  3. Administration
    • Invoices
    • Expenses
    • Education and training
    • Personal
    • My system admin 
    • Company communications
  4. Misc 
    • e-Newsletters
    • Trends and tips

Automation of Email Organisation

Automating your email can save a lot of time and angst. In order to save having to put every email away in a folder manually, I have certain emails, such as those containing the word “urgent” or “preflight”, I set up a rule so that those emails go directly to those folders. Automation can be a detailed as you like. Mines pretty simple, I colour the email according to the client name and I have the urgent and preflight email allocation. 

Task or Calendar Item?

outlook calendar
outlook calendar

Create Tasks for Items 15 – 60 minutes

When I read the emails left after the easy to answer ones, I copy and paste the details, creating a separate task with the information pasted into the Task panel, and which email or file location I need to get the details from. Once all the information has been placed into the individual Task I allocate a due by date, starting date, and in my case, I add a job code.

categorise tasks in outlook
categorise tasks in outlook

Longer Term Projects – 60 minutes onwards

For projects, say a 12-page brochure or a web design job, that I need more time for, I block out time in my calendar. I can break up the Tasks of the Project and put in tasks, but doing things in this way, means I can get adequate time to work and check.

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Microsoft info about Outlook.



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