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Unique Ways To Embrace Your Wanderlust

Unique Ways To Embrace Your Wanderlust

Whether it is because you were lucky enough to travel as a child, your bedtime stories were made up of adventures set around the world or simply because jetting off somewhere entirely new has never been easier, the one thing adults these days refuse to give up these days is the travelling part of their lifestyle. And rightly so.

The problem is, well, affording your wanderlust. Sure, you could pop onto any one of the million travel blogs and listen to their advice, in which they always tell you to a) fund your travels by writing a blog (NB: this is almost impossible) or b) to not worry about your finances and just enjoy the moment (spoiler alert: this also doesn’t work).

But don’t despair just yet. Traveling without managing a blog or selling your lungs on the black market is possible, and here’s how:


wanderlust - florence
wanderlust – florence

1. Friends and family…

Or even friends of friends, friends of family, or family of friends – you see where we are going with this. Anyway, going down this river is incredible, and not just because it saves you money. It’s that chance to meet new people, connect with distant relatives and reconnect with those you haven’t seen since you were yay high. Oh, and you get to live like a local, which is always epic.

2. Love The Cheap Seats…

When it comes to finding yourself a bargain flight, the go-to stop is Skyscanner. So long as you can be a touch flexible with your dates and times, boom, you can save a small fortune. Literally. But that isn’t your only weapon in the hunt for bargains. Signing up for things like Jack’s Flight Club and airline subscription emails can see Christmas come early.

Who Needs Planes…

That’s an actual question? You see, when the topic of travel is broached, your mind probably flutters off to somewhere far away and exotic like Bora Bora. But travel is so much more diverse than that. It’s hopping on your bike and doing a coast 2 coast cycle. It’s borrowing your mum’s car and driving four hours north-west and seeing where you end up. It’s taking $30 out of your piggy bank and getting whichever train takes you furthest. That’s what travelling is. No planes needed.

3. Cheap Dreams Everyone…

wanderlust - florence
wanderlust – florence

Another big budget killer is accommodation. Things like boutique hotels, overpriced B&Bs and shacking up in luxury villas. Don’t get us wrong. It would be amazing to stay in a suite with a four-poster bed and a private swimming pool that is suspended from the air. But that isn’t realistic. Instead, book into a nice backpackers or try your luck on Airbnb and relax in the knowledge you will have gotten a much better deal without having made any sacrifices on comfort, safety or cleanliness.

4. Lighten The Load…

wanderlust asia
wanderlust asia

The struggle is real. Staring at a suitcase-slash-backpack and trying to work out what to pack and how much is one of the hardest things anyone can ever do. The bottom line is, though: pack light. We know it is hard, but it is so worthwhile because airlines love to slap its travellers with a heavy-packer tax. Besides, you have your favourite outfit, and you know you’ll wear that most of the time anyway.



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