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Trying New Experiences: The Resolution You Should Have Made

Trying New Experiences: The Resolution You Should Have Made

As the first month of the new year draws to a close legions of women (and men) around the world are wrapping measuring tape around their waists, counting their aggregate calories or units of alcohol consumed throughout the month and trying to find new and inventive things to do with kale. While self improvement is always a noble goal, don’t you think that we limit ourselves by measuring it in terms of our waistline, our caloric intake or the things of which we’ve deprived ourselves. If we’re going to make resolutions, shouldn’t we focus on making them in ways that enrich our lives and make them more fulfilling. In an age where we’re busier than ever and working longer hours than previous generations, shouldn’t we all try to inject some new passion and joie de vivre into our lives by trying new experiences?

The unexpected benefits of the new

New experiences come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as daring and adventurous as you want them to be. While we all have a tendency to stick to the known and familiar in everything from our leisure activities to the food we eat and the wine we drink, it is a scientific truth that trying new things can benefit our health and wellbeing. New activities can shape us and help us to redefine who we are. They can help to dig us out of a rut, inspire creativity and expose us to new people. If you’re struggling to break the glass ceiling in your career, trying new things and involving yourself in a greater range of activities can even make you more marketable and appealing to a prospective employer.

They say that life begins at the end of your comfort zone so let’s take a look at some new experiences you can try this year that can help to redefine yourself…

Cook more

Creativity of any kind is great for self-belief and general wellbeing. While learning to paint or sculpt or joining a dance class are great ways to encourage creativity in new and exciting ways they can be a little daunting to the introverted. Cooking more and broadening your repertoire of recipes and cuisines can not only be a rewarding experience, it can save you a fortune on takeout and restaurant costs, too!

Get into a new sport

If you’re tired of the monotony of the gym, you may benefit from taking up a new sport. This will combine the health benefits of physical exercise with the benefits of meeting new people and learning new skills. Think indoor snowboarding or rock climbing if you’re feeling adventurous, tennis, golf or cycling if you’re not. If you’d rather watch than participate then go rooting through for something outside of your comfort zone. You’ve absolutely nothing to lose.


There’s absolutely no experience more edifying and life affirming than travel, yet so many of us travel to the same destinations (or sorts of destinations) year after year. Mix things up in terms of location or activities and even consider travelling solo. Volunteer in a foreign land with a wildlife sanctuary or community project. You’ll be amazed at how much more vivid the experience becomes when you wander outside of your comfort zone!



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