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Top Tips for First-Time Visitors to Australia

Top Tips for First-Time Visitors in Australia

Australia is a unique place to visit thanks to its position in the world and unique multiculturalism. There are plenty of things to do in this wonderful country and thanks to it being on the opposite side of the world to most of  the English speaking “West” (Australia is still lovingly referred to as “down-under”) the weather is glorious when it’s dark, gloomy and wet in the northern hemisphere. Ever celebrated Christmas on the beach with the sun shining? Well, that’s possible (and actually pretty normal) in Australia!

Traveling to Australia might sound like a simple idea because Australian’s  for the most part speak English, and most of the Aussie’s mannerisms are similar to the Western world. There are still a few things that you’ll probably want to learn before embarking on a journey the “the lucky country”, Below is a list of the major tips you should learn before heading to Australia:

Australia is a continent and a country

It might sound obvious, but most people are left dismayed after they realise that the distance between major cities in Australia like Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne or Sydney to Brisbane, are actually fairly long. On a map Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane don’t look too far apart, but in actual fact they are 11 hours drive apart.

It’s more than most people expect, so make sure you keep this in mind when you plan a “tour” around Australia. Be aware that Australia is a huge continent, with roughly the land size of the USA only  a lot less populated. Whatever your do, there’s going to be a lot of traveling involved, so book accommodation in each city and aim to stay at least a week in each one if you want to see most of the major sites and tourist attractions that each city has to offer.

In addition to this, you’re going to experience a lot of empty space between cities. It will look rather barren and monotonous as you’re traveling between cities. For example, the stretch between Sydney and Melbourne only passes through a couple of stops and towns, but nothing major that could be considered a must-see tourist destination (unless you consider the Big Merina (sheep) of interest.

Australia can be an expensive

Another shocker is that a holiday to Australia can be surprisingly expensive. You should consider spending at least $100 USD a day if you plan to go on holiday to Australia, more if you plan to eat at fancy restaurants or go on tours around the country. Transportation will likely be the most expensive thing that you pay for during a trip to Australia, so look for ways to save on transportation.

If you plan to visit multiple cities in Australia, then you may want to look at cheaper airlines that offer budget options. If you don’t mind spending longer on the road, then you can consider getting a bus or a coach to travel from city to city. If you want to experience the outback as well as the cities, then consider renting a recreational vehicle while you’re in Australia so you can go on road trips. Accommodation can also be expensive in Australia, so consider rental services like Airbnb instead of paying for an expensive hotel.

But It is Worth The Trip

But once you overcome these hurdles you can see The Great Barrier Reef, Sydney’s stunning harbour and Opera House, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Blue Mountains National Park, Daintree National Park, Fraser Island, Kakadu National Park, huge stretches of white sandy beaches, and some pretty some quirky wildlife, like the playpus, kangaroo, wombat and koala. The Australian people are friendly and warm, and will make you feel welcome immediately.



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