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Three Hacks to Help You Perform a Complete Room Renovation

Three Hacks to Help You Perform a Complete Room Renovation

If you’ve ever tried to plan a renovation in the past then you’ll know that there are far too many limiting factors. For example, you might find that your completed renovation barely looks any different because of your budget, or you feel that it’s too difficult to move furniture around the room because there’s just too much clutter.

Whatever your circumstances are, we’ve put together some useful hacks to help you perform a complete room renovation.

Clear out the room before doing any design or renovating

Unless the room has some absolute necessities that you can’t do without, we suggest that you clear out the entire room before doing any kind of measuring or design work. Of course, you can take some rough measurements and do some sketches with all the furniture inside of it, but you might find that it’s far easier to visualise different elements if you start with a clean slate. We suggest renting storage to store all of your belongings if you don’t have another room to leave it in. This is a great option to also help you declutter your rooms if you find that there’s simply too much stuff to wade through as you’re renovating.

Set a budget and stick to it

Another big issue with complete room renovations is how expensive it is. You might start by budgeting a little for things such as paint or wallpaper, then slowly move on to different furniture. However, you can easily go over budget if you don’t plan these things in advance. Sit down before you start renovating, calculate some costs and add a bit of leeway so that you can guarantee that you’ll be able to afford your entire idea and not just a part of it. Set a logical budget, stick to it as best as you can and use your financial limitations to be more creative when looking for furniture or accessories to decorate your home with. It’s all about being realistic instead of overestimating what your budget is capable of.

Have an overall plan for your entire home

It’s challenging to renovate just a single room, especially if you plan to eventually renovate your entire home. Because of this, you might find that it’s important to plan things like colour schemes before you do any renovation so that when it comes to renovating a second room, you can pick out the same paints and keep with your theme. Planning for a renovation of your entire home can help you save money, such as buying paint in bulk if you plan to use the same colours, and you can also plan where to move your furniture so that the rooms you’re renovating are always empty and ready to be decorated.

Complete renovations are difficult to perform, so it’s important to follow these tips to give you a much better chance of success. Even if you do perform a renovation without following these steps, you might find that the scope of your renovation possibilities is very low due to a lack of options available, and that’s what our hacks are designed to change.



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