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Three Beautiful Ways To Give Your Body A Break

Three Beautiful Ways To Give Your Body A Break

We live in a culture that encourages us to push it, but there are times when you need to give your body a break.

Maximising our potential, becoming more productive, getting more out of our time, our jobs, our relationships…but that means that we don’t always stop to smell the roses. Appreciating where we are and the simple pleasures in our lives isn’t always easy. There are lots of things that distract us and impact on our sense of well-being. So how about resolving to take it easier on yourself? Here are three things you should consider taking a break from, to give you time to refocus and connect with yourself.

1. Take a Break From Punishing Workouts

Take a Break From… Punishing Workouts
Take a Break From… Punishing Workouts

We all think we know the drill when it comes to exercise. We need to push ourselves. We need to sweat, and we need to focus firmly on the end result, because there’s no chance we’ll enjoy the process itself. But does it have to be that way? The simple answer is no. Whether it’s easing your way back into exercise after a baby or an injury or taking a break from a higher impact routine, fitness experts agree that lower impact routines are important to give your body a break. And there’s so much to discover, from the slow-motion wonders of tai chi, to Pilates, rock-climbing, cycling – and check this swim school out!

2. Take a Break From Pointless Worries

Take a Break From...Pointless Worries
Take a Break From…Pointless Worries

Mindfulness is one of the biggest lifestyle trends to emerge in recent years- and for good reason! We’re busier than ever, and that creates several problems that manifest in our lives to cause stress. One is that we find it harder to cut through the mental noise and focus when we need too. This is draining and caused burn out and sleepless nights. Practising mindfulness simply involves learning to reconnect with the present moment and cut the distractions. We spend too much time on what ifs. Using a mindfulness app can help us to refocus and live happier lives.

3. Take a Break From Refined Sugar

Take a Break From…. Refined Sugar
Take a Break From…. Refined Sugar

Most of us are addicted to the sweet stuff, and it’s a cycle that can deplete our bodies and challenge our health. As well as weight gain and energy crashes, we could be risking type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Sugar can also affect our moods and make us irritable. So taking a temporary break can help to reset our cravings. The first week can be challenging, and learning how you can eat sugar-free will really open your eyes to the amount of it hidden in processed foods and everyday snacks. Sugar stimulates the same centres of the brain as drugs, so weaning yourself off it for a while isn’t always easy- but you’ll be glad you did!

Pressing the pause on our hectic lives is much easier when we’re not punishing our bodies. Well being comes from having the mental space to listen to ourselves and our bodies, not push them to punishing workouts, niggle away at our anxieties or be ruled by poor dietary choices. So make a choice to give yourself a break and notice the calm in your life from time to time.



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