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The Ultimate Careers For Mathematical Minds

The Ultimate Careers For Mathematical Minds

While it may not be super fashionable or terribly en vogue, if you have a mathematical mind and love nothing more than crunching the odd number or two, you might be in for a lucrative career. Having a passion for numbers may be seen as geeky, nerdy or boring, but a talent for being a human scientific calculator could see your reaping monetary rewards throughout your working life. The most well paid jobs often have a mathematical element and are often the most secure jobs on the market. Take a look at these ultimate careers for mathematical minds.


For the traditional amongst us, there’s no career that embodies a mathematical mind more than the field of accountancy. While not seen as the most exciting of jobs, sitting at a desk all day and working with numbers for forty hours a week could see you salivating at the screen. Gone are the days of bespectacled old men beavering away in their beige shirts on their calculators. Nowadays the largest graduate schemes are run by accountancy firms. Working with some of the most innovative companies in the world, you could be helping a blue chip company streamline their taxation policies, enhance their pension schemes or work in a more financially ethical way. On the other hand, you may choose to branch out on your own and provide bespoke smaller scale accountancy services to contractors. The freedom that you have as an accountant should not be overlooked. By implementing what you preach within your personal life, you should be able to invest your wages to enhance your earnings even further.


While at school, your maths lessons are relatively discrete learning how to solve equations, understanding the ins and outs of Pythagoras and trying to work out probabilities. When you venture to university, a whole new world can open up to you. The study of astrophysics involves a wealth of complex equations to work out the distances between planets, the speed of asteroids and the ability to prove the existence of black holes. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Some of the brightest mathematical minds have chosen this career such as Stephen Hawking, so you will be in good company if you choose to become an astrophysicist.

Market Research

While market research may seem like a bit of a curveball, there are plenty of agencies that specialise in providing their services to certain industry sectors. By working in the financial services field, you can provide insights and analysis for some of the biggest names in the financial world. Companies like Deloitte and PWC utilise the brightest minds from market research agencies to inform their best practice. You can investigate what the corporate world expect from audit sessions, and the companies that you work for will respond in kind and change their working practices accordingly.

Higher Education

If you adore the theory behind numbers and calculations, you may choose to remain in the world of academia. You may become a lecturer and choose to specialise and study for a PhD. With a thesis under your belt, you could become a leading light of trigonometry, quantum physics or Pascal numbers. Imparting your knowledge onto other bright minds can be rewarding and satisfying. While not the most lucratively well paid job, you will have the freedom to conduct your own mathematical research and see your work published in journals across the world.

Running Your Own Business

Launching a startup is tough at the best of times with eighty percent of new businesses folding within the first eighteen months of trading. However, with a financial background, you can hit the ground running with a more analytical mind. You will find writing your business vision a little easier than most with your financial projections more accurate due to your number crunching mind. It doesn’t matter what sort of business you choose to run, your ability to work out profits, revenue and sales figures will stand you in good stead with your bank manager. You may choose to follow your passion for all things culinary and become a restaurateur. Or you might want to begin an eBay empire. Alternatively, you might want to become a financial consultant, utilising your flair for figures in a more discrete way.

Being mathematically gifted might not have the same kudos as the arts, media, acting or music. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of embracing your number crunching mind and your love of numbers. Don’t shun your natural talent for calculating and enjoy embarking on a mathematical career.



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