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The Toolkit (In Your Mind): Some Common House Problems We Should All Know How To Fix

The Toolkit (In Your Mind): Some Common House Problems We Should All Know How To Fix

Whether you are undertaking home renovations, or you’re looking to spruce up your place, do you feel that there’s too much work to be done? If so, it might be because you don’t feel equipped to deal with what would happen if you made some major mistakes. With every house, there comes a lot of issues, and what’s important for us to know at the outset is how to fix these little things. But, we live in an age where we can get home repair specialists on tap that we don’t think we need to know about these issues. But it’s worth having a toolkit of sorts in your mind so you can fix the little issues as and when they arise. What are some of the most common issues that we could all benefit from knowing?

Fixing The Water Pressure

If your heating doesn’t work, the water pressure is the first place to go. If you look at the water pressure meter and it’s too low, you can very easily top it up. But when there’s low hot water pressure but cold is fine, you need to think about checking for leaks. You don’t need to get a plumber in, especially if you can trace the source. Usually, when it comes to water tanks, you can easily trace the source of the leak. But when there is a major leakage issue, you need to know how to turn off the water. The stopcock is usually located in an easy to access place, under the kitchen sink. But if you’re renting a property, the documents that come with the house will provide this information. If there’s a major leak, it’s important to turn off the water to isolate it.

Fixing A Leaky Pipe

When there are leaky pipes, especially in kitchen or bathroom sinks, they are usually due to a worn out washer. After you’ve shut off the water, you can place a bucket underneath the pipe, and twist off the compression units, which are the big white pieces attached to the pipe, and replace the washer.

Replacing A Light Switch

Make sure that you check the bulb first, because if the bulb is blown you can easily buy a new one. That’s if there’s a problem with one area of the house, you’ve got to do this carefully. Turn off the circuit breaker before you start, and then use a flathead screwdriver to remove the faceplate covering the light switch. You will see two wires attached to the screws on the switch, and test the wires so there’s no electricity running through them. From there, you can disconnect the wires and attach them to a new light switch.

Electricity and water are the common culprits, and whether you live in a rental property or own your own place, having a little bit of background knowledge is vital. As you become confident with fixing little issues, you can progress to larger, more complex problems. But remember, if you ever feel you are in over your head, there’s no shame in asking a professional to do it. And remember, there’s an abundance of resources online to help you. Never underestimate the power of a good YouTube video!

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