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The Small Conveniences You Might Not Know You Needed

The Small Conveniences You Might Not Know You Needed

While many of us consider ourselves to apply our best intelligence to our daily schedule, sometimes, there can be possibilities that slip through the cracks. Conveniences fall into this category. After all, many of us simply apply the best and most rational approach to our daily needs at the time, and it’s only after some time has passed that we consider how to optimize it.

But first we need to know what convenience means. It’s often a time-saving measure conducted with equal or better results than a practice we might have been interacting with beforehand. If this is something worthwhile to consider, then why not simply take a few moments to think of how we’ve been living our life, what we do in a day, and how we might better our approach.

For the following advice, we would like to consider the measures that are most universal. For this reason, we hope to consider how health conveniences might work in the best possible relevance for you, as everyone needs to keep an eye on their daily wellbeing.
Please, consider the following advice:

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be essential if you want to keep your vision intact throughout the day, but are always either inconvenienced by or routinely misplace your glasses. On top of that, prescription contacts can help you switch up your style when wearing glasses simply isn’t something you want to do. Having a pair of these in can also help you stay effective throughout the day, no matter the continual shifting needs of your responsibilities and career. If you have never tried them, it’s worth experimenting to see if they are right for you. You never know just how impressed you could be


As a culture, we seem to have moved past the ‘there’s an App for that’ mentality. Many of us are sick of how we used to download and install multiple apps of old, flooding our phones with two-bit games and strange little utilities we never needed. But take another look at the App or Play stores. You might be quite surprised. Apps have been curated, chosen, and updated for some time now, meaning there quite literally is an amazing app for all your lifestyle efforts. From MyFitnessPal helping you calculate your intake in a given day and providing up-to-the-minute fitness advice, Headspace helping you meditate effectively and Podcast apps helping your commute become that slight bit more approachable, apps are important, so be sure to consider your weekly needs and see if there’s anything you might use.

Cloud Storage

Most of us have accounts with cloud storage companies, but are we synchronizing them effectively? From extensions, history and bookmarks being sent from browser to browser on different devices, the ability for your photos and videos to merge and auto-upload, and using compatibility with VPN’s to ensure your work is uploaded and protected in combination, you might just be astounded at how ensuring everything is backed up can be convenient for you.

With these tips, you’re sure to live a more convenient lifestyle.



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