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The Down Low on Picking a Wedding Venue

The Down Low on Picking a Wedding Venue

When you are planning your wedding, the venue is going to be the main thing that takes your planning. Is it going to be big enough for your needs? Will there be space for the number of guests that you have? What do they offer and what is the cost? Not to mention how you want it all to look. You can make anywhere look like new if you have the right budget and expertise to decorate it in such a way that it stands out from the crowd. So here are some tips and advice for helping to choose the wedding venue of your dreams, and a little of what you can do with it if on paper it doesn’t seem like what you want.

Decide Your Guest List

For your wedding, you need to decide your guest list. This is going to be really important to decide what kind of wedding venue you are looking at. If you are thinking hundreds of people, then would an outdoor wedding be a better idea? For a smaller gathering, would a boutique wedding venue be best? So plan out who you want there, and then it can limit or adjust your choices.


Once you know the number of people that could be there on the day, you can look at what kind of budget that you have to play with. This can be a factor in where you choose and what kind of thing that you choose. Some venues will offer everything from making the menus, to the cutlery and DJ. But others it will be simply the room and you organize the rest. So knowing your budget, and the number of guests, will help you choose what kind of reception you will have, as well as where.


Abroad or at Home

The location of the wedding venue can really be anywhere in the world. So do you have a preference? You might have a dream location in mind that you would love, or perhaps you just fancy getting married somewhere that will be guaranteed sunshine. One of the best things to do is to choose the area or city, and then narrow your choices down from there, unless you had a particular place in mind.


You may just want to have an evening wedding, with a buffet and dancing after the ceremony. Or would you prefer a venue with a sit down wedding breakfast? This needs to be decided before you look at venues, as well as when you are looking at your budget. Would a venue allow you to do it yourself or get your own caterers? Or do they have their own staff or only offer a team of caterers that they approve? All of this kind of thing needs to be looked at.

Little Extras

Having a browse online or through Pinterest can be a great way to get some inspiration. Would you love a certain view out of the venue windows? Or how about the favors or extra little bits as part of the reception? If you wanted fireworks, is there somewhere to do that? This all needs to be looked and decided as part of picking a wedding venue process.



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