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The Devil Behind The Beauty Industry

The Devil Behind The Beauty Industry

Where would us girls be without beauty? Or without makeup and the products that we use on a daily basis. Even down to the light moisturisers we use, or the lip balms we rub on constantly during the colder months? But what is the devil behind all of this? Well, there are definitely a few devils as it were, because the beauty industry would not have got where it is today without all of the things it’s had to go through. And it wouldn’t be where it was today if it were not for all of the controversial things it’s has to do. All of this has definitely led to mixed opinions about what the beauty industry is like, and where it is taking us. So, if you’re not sure what is behind the beauty industry because you’ve never really looked into it before, then keep on reading and see what you discover.

How It’s Got Where It Has Got

So, if you think back to say, 80 years ago, the beauty industry was a lot different. For one, there was not such a focus on wearing it. Women were focused on that minimalistic look, because there just wasn’t much of it around to wear. But slowly over the years, people go crazier with their looks, and the demand to look different through make up just grew and grew. That eventually led to the unorthodox testing on animals to produce such products. Back in the day this was overlooked, there were very few activists campaigning against it. But now, people are shopping for the products that are specifically animal cruelty and tested free, meaning all companies are having to find other methods if they even want to stay afloat. Luckily now animal testing is actually really low, and there are much more friendly ways of producing and testing the products.

The Devil Behind The Beauty Industry
The Devil Behind The Beauty Industry

All Of The Regulations

There are so many regulations that now have to be followed, because there are simply so many things that can go wrong if people have an adverse reaction to the products being sold. Cosmetic regulations are now so much stricter than they were, which we will admit does make it harder for new people trying to break into the beauty industry with new products. But we think that it’s these regulations of production and sale that’s now making it so much better. The quality of the product is higher, and the product that is being sold is now so much more beneficial to the end user.

How It Is Changing The World

We think the beauty industry is definitely putting a bit of pressure onto the world, especially to females. There is now a sort of race on, and an obsession to look the best, and that’s done through the many different techniques of applying makeup! It’s now leading to so many different insecurities throughout both genders. But, it’s the craze that surrounds beauty that’s making it such a highly profitable business venture, although it is one that’s hard to get into.



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