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The Coolest Entertainment for a Kids Party

The Coolest Entertainment for a Kids Party

Putting together a super cool kids party doesn’t take too much effort. Once you have the basics:

  • Theme
  • Location
  • Guest List
  • Menus
  • Music

Next comes entertainment. Where once upon a time you might’ve been limited to your best friend’s husband dressing up as Barney the Dino, now we have the internet and a lot more options. Here are a few great ideas that work really well with any theme you can think of.

Balloon Modelers

Kids love balloons, and strangely enough when they’re being modelled so do the adults. It is incredible to watch a professional work a long balloon into a jetpack or a monkey. The major perk of having a balloon modeler is that every person will get something from it.

Petting Zoo

If you manage to find either a highly recommended petting zoo, or an Animal Man/ Woman they are great to have at children’s parties. There is usually a couple of options, cuddly animals like bunnies and things to stroke like snakes, or larger animals like goats and ponies. It will depend on the space you have. You might have a child that is really into hawks or reptiles and finding someone who is knowledgeable in to give talks and show some of the abilities of the animals is going to be amazing. This works much better if there is a smaller calmer group, so take a look at the guest list to see if it will work before booking.

Bouncy House

Bouncy houses, or castles – whatever you like to call them are fantastic fun. They tire the kids (and adults) out. There is a huge range of jumping castles so you can find something to fit your budget, space and also your party theme.

Face Painting

This one is always popular with children’s parties. A high-quality face painter will usually arrive ready to roll and with an assistant that helps to entertain the kids as they wait (not so patiently) for their turn. If you have a theme, then let them know in advance, and you can be sure they will arrive with a range of cool options for the adventurous kids.

Perfect Princesses

A massive trend for the last few years has been princess parties, where the most adored of princesses turns up and spends time with the party kids. You can usually choose from a vast range, including the ever-popular Elsa. However, you’d be wise to check reviews and ask for photos of their previous parties.

As with any children’s party, make sure you have taken every care to check any allergies and intolerances. Be clear about pick up and drop off times or if the parents are required to stay. If you are booking animals then be sure you have checked with the venue for any extra costs, or that your neighbors aren’t going to mind some sheep noise of the smell of animals. Most importantly, make sure as well as planning, prepping and being the hostess that you enjoy the day too.



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