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Tech Wedding Hacks For Cool Couples

Tech Wedding Hacks For Cool Couples

Tradition has become somewhat of a thing of the past when it comes to the wedding trends which are popular. Back in the day, people would strive to keep their big day as close to those of the ancestors, making them into bizarre affairs for some. Nowadays, though, something different is happening, and most people want their wedding to be as unique as possible. Achieving this goal is easy when you’re doing it on its own, but you may need some help if you want to balance it with older ideas. This post will be exploring some of the best tech hacks to make even the most ritual events sparkle and shine.

Invites are a very important part of any couple’s to-do list before they get hitched. Not only will they enable you to establish a theme for you wedding, they also give you an excellent opportunity to start incorporating some tech. Email invites are a great option, saving money, while also making it easier to reach out to people. If you’d prefer something a little more impactful, you could look into the idea of an electronic invite which is delivered like a paper one. Videos will be great for this, while you may struggle to find a photo which says it all.

Most weddings still take place in places of worship. Whether you consider yourself to have faith or are a devout atheist, these sorts of buildings are perfect for this soft of event. That is, of course, until you find that they have bad acoustics. To help with this, a lot of holy places have microphone ports and soundboards to make it nice and easy to add some speakers to the service. Along with this, some people will also have TVs with video feeds for people sat further back, especially when the wedding is a very big one.

Moving onto the time after the ceremony, most people will be tucking into a wedding breakfast at this point in the day. At this point, you have another chance to use some tech to make things run smoother, but it will be for the people working for you, this time. Food and drink orders don’t have to be taken by people anymore, with automated services working well, and smartphones being an easy way to be served. Adding something like this may require a couple of different elements, and you may need a company to help you to do it.

Giving people something to remember your big day by is not only important to you, but will be important to them, too. This should always be something fun, while also giving people the chance to socialise and have fun with each other. Companies like Booth Boy are perfect for this. Enabling people to print their own pictures, while also going through a fancy process to do it, having a booth like this can make your experience a lot easier. There are loads of different tech-based wedding entertainment options which are designed to add something to your big day.

Image courtesy of darling don't panic, the ultimate wedding planners
Image courtesy of darling don’t panic, the ultimate wedding planners

Finally, as the last piece of tech to consider for your wedding, a lot of people are looking to social media to help them with all sorts of tasks, nowadays. Giving you access to everyone you know, websites like Facebook are the perfect spot to post all of your wedding snaps. For people who couldn’t attend, this will give them an idea of what they missed, while also giving everyone the chance to congratulate you without it feeling strange. Some people have even started using platforms like this to send out their invites, creating event pages to make the whole process much smoother.

Finding a wedding tech hack can take a lot of research. Ideally, the options you choose should all be based on the idea that you want to impress people, while also making the whole event a little more fun. There are plenty of services out there which offer this, with some being very reasonably priced. These are important features to anyone getting married in the modern age, as the price of these events has gone up so much over the years, and it can be hard to find something which you can afford without the right research.

This post should give you all of the inspiration you need to get started with your own wedding tech hacks. Of course, while this will be a fun approach to the big day, it will also make it more complicated to arrange. You have to think about this before you get started, especially if you have limited time for the planning.



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