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Keeping The Vibes Positive While Working From Home

picture of a cat sitting on a laptop while working from home
This is a time where the traditional idea of the workspace has changed dramatically. We have had to learn, very quickly how we can stay positive while working from home.

A lot more of us are having to deal with the new reality of living and working in isolation. For some of us, it can be hard to stay positive while working from home. This includes having to work at home for the first time, while to others it just means doing even more work at home. While working from home also allows you a lot of freedom it also puts the responsibility on you to manage how you do your work, manage your wellbeing, and create a good work environment. As such, it’s on you to make sure you keep the positive vibes, but here are a few tips that can help you do that.

Stay positive while working from home with productivity in mind

stay positive while working from home

If your office isn’t well suited to your work, then it’s not going to do you much good. You can make it a comfortable, relaxing place to be, but it also needs to take your practical concerns in mind, such as ensuring that you have ergonomic furniture to support you, and enough storage space for any loose papers and other supplies you need to keep around you. Take a look at these tips for turning your home office into a productivity paradise if you’re worried you might not get enough work done there.

Surround yourself with stuff you like looking at

stationery working from home
Bunbougu has stationery is functional and lovely to look at

Visual inspiration and engagement can play an important role in how positive and well-suited a workspace should be. As such, you should surround yourself with things that aren’t too distracting, but put you in a good mood and engage you. This can even apply to stationary, with stores like Bunbougu doing adorable designs that are a far cry from the usual dry office supplies. Of course, it also applies to wall art, motivational posters, and any reaffirming knick-knacks you want to keep on your desk.

Find your perfect work playlist

listening to music at work
Listening to music for some people increases productivity

Never underestimate the power of listening to some good music while you’re working. It can do wonders for getting you into the right headspace. One of the most popular choices, as of late, has been the playlist from ChilledCow on YouTube, the now rather widely known Lofi Hip Hop Radio. You can make your own playlist easily, of course. It’s just recommended you don’t choose songs that have lyrics you can understand, as they tend to be distracting when you’re trying to find your workflow.

Get in touch with the natural world

plants at work
Back to nature

Natural light is fantastic for keeping you energetic and engaged, so try to work in a space that allows for plenty of it and don’t rely on artificial lighting too much if you can’t help it. Another way to brighten up space is to add a houseplant to the office. A lot of us have a natural connection to nature and feel peaceful and at ease when we’re surrounded by it. So, this is the second-best option for working in your local woods.

Take advantage of the freedom you get to stay positive while working from home and create the kind of workplace you have always wanted. You might end up finding that you much prefer it, in the end.



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